Comprehensive Healthcare by the Medical Professional Dr. Johanan Rand

Many patients of this amicable Bioidentical Hormone Specialist are excited as a result of the introduction of the new and modern antiaging treatment into the market. Dr. Johanan Rand, the Founder and the President of the Healthy Aging Medical Center, New Jersey, has constantly been offering his patients a whole new model for healthcare that leaves many patients always wanting to come back to his facility (Crunchbase). What is unique about his services? Well, the reason lies in his vast understanding of the needs of his patients, the appropriate diet and various exercises to do to attain the highest level of health.

To ensure his patients are well catered for, Dr. Johanan Rand developed a comprehensive approach that involves diet, hormone and physical therapies. The muscle tissues are strengthened and made more flexible through this approach. By undergoing a hormone therapy, the natural healing process is fastened because the therapy replaces the missing hormones in the body; consequently, he helps understand the role you are supposed to play by providing educational materials to you. Dr. Johanan Rand further advises their patient to combine hormonal therapy with the required diet and physical exercises if the expected results are to manifest.

At Healthy Aging Medical Center, problems associated with aging are well catered for with the compassionate and skillful approach of Dr. Johanan Rand accompanying the whole comprehensive treatment plan. You don’t have to worry about menopause, erectile dysfunction or skin sagging for Dr. Rand has a solution for all these normal aging effects.

Dr. Johanan Rand is certified in Medical Acupuncture and a licensed doctor to practice medicine in New Jersey by Millennium TBI network. Definitely from his training and experiences he deserves the certifications. He started his career path at Howard University College of Medicine and later joined St, Barnabas Medical Center for his internship. Later he did his residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. From all the experience and knowledge he now founded Healthy Aging Medical Centers. Dr. Johanan Rand has got a close affiliation with the “Chilton Medical Center” located in Pompton Plains in New Jersey. He is known as a Physiatrist, Rehabilitation Doctor, a Role Model and a Physical Medicine Doctor to his patients.


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