Cone Marshall Maintains Top Position Despite Challenges In Industry

Cone Marshall has remained bold and focused to delivering solutions to clients in different specialties who are looking for tax and estate litigation experts. The firm has in the recent past seen an increase in clients from other jurisdictions and the New Zealand market has also responded fairly to the changes that have been instilled.


One of the reasons that have motivated the shift is the new ideas that have been implemented to allow a shorter period for the resolution of cases. It is a convenient system that does not compel clients to wait for many days before their problems are tackled. Many clients coming from other counties have applauded the speed and accuracy that Cone Marshall has embraced since the past one decade.


When it was launched in 1999, Cone Marshall would become the first in New Zealand to deal with estate and tax litigation as their only area of operation. This kind of specialization offered them a better chance to offer more accurate solutions to cases. They have maintained the practice and ensured all the services offered are in line with the vision penned down for the firm.


Technology has also contributed to the growth of Cone Marshall into an enormous provider of law services. It is through the installation of a new system that order processing has become easy and more accurate. The firm has invested in the acquisition of better infrastructure that is making file storing and retrieval easy for both the staff and clients. With a database that can offer clients access, one does not necessarily need to travel all the way to the main offices to present files. All vital information can be sent through the online system and there is guaranteed security through the whole process.


The brains behind this success

Behind all the success is a team of professionals who have drafted measures and overseen the implementation of each step. Cone Marshall enjoys great leadership from lawyers who have served for over 30 years.


Karen Marshall, a lawyer experienced in commercial litigation, is one of the individuals who have steered Cone Marshall to the attainment of success. She has amassed experience over a period of 20 years and her skills have helped to transform Cone Marshall by improving its performance. She seeks support from Geoffrey Cone, a leader who has worked with the firm since inception in 1999. Geoffrey is consulted on a number of issues owing to the wide experience he enjoys in the industry.



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  1. It is just common sense, when you put in the into what ever you are set out to do people would always acknowledge your good deeds. Just as paper writing service reviews rightfully puts, Cone Marshal has shown excellence in his services to his clients and that is what is needed and not only that those in the estate business knows his worth that is why when the reshuffle was made he still remains at the top.

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