Contributions Of Gregory Aziz Towards The Growth Of National Steel Car

The current National Steel Car’s Chief Executive Officer is known as Gregory James Aziz. It is in the year 1949 that he was born in a place called Ontario in Canada. James Aziz at his capacity he is a leader of the railroad car manufacturing company, a leading worldwide company. Gregory Aziz studied his Economics course at the University of Western Ontario where he graduated and immediately joined his family in the business of food processing.


Later Gregory shifted to the New York City where he served with a number of banking and investment companies. At the time he stayed in New York, James began the purchase of the National Steel Car in 1994 from Dofasco. At the time of the acquisition, the performance of the National Steel Car had significantly decreased. To solve that, the managerial skills and input of Gregory were vital to the company.


The considerable achievements during the period comprise rise in the production ability from 3,500 to 12500 railroads cars annually and staff from 500 to 3000. Greg Aziz was devoted to the welfare of the firm concerning the excellence, efficiency, manufacturing, and engineering. The company has managed to retain its first position as the leading freight railcar production firm in the world because of the devotion of James. The efforts of Gregory J Aziz resulted in company acknowledgment in consecutive years. Through the leadership of Gregory James, the National Steel Car has received the ISO 90001:2008 as well as TTX SECO prizes in the past 8 years. Gregory J Aziz is a father of two, and his wife is called Irene.


James also worked as a National Steel Car’s equestrian group patron and 2009 Anglestone Tournament’s sponsor. Gregory J Aziz and his family are followers and enthusiastic members of horse racing. Apart from that James Aziz is involved in philanthropic work and his objective is to improve the livelihoods of societies within Hamilton, which is National Steel Car home.


Some of the philanthropic organizations that Gregory J Aziz supports are the United Way, Salvation Army, and Theatre Aquarius. Gregory has led to the collaboration of the workers and management in the company. Furthermore, Greg thinks that the constant innovation, difficult of existing limitations and devotion to the engineering excellence are essential tips that assist the firm in dominating the industry of freight car production. For this reason, Greg Aziz is dedicated to ensuring the constant provision of the services and products. Click Here for more information.



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