Crystal EOS lip balm review.

EOS lip balm has taken over the lip care industry. The company Evolution of Smooth- or for short, has created a product that re-invented the way to use lip balm. The creators of the product were looking for a way to make lip care products less boring, and more fun to use. Through this came the EOS lip balm- an egg-shaped pod that incases a spherical ball of lip balm. The colorful products have quickly become popular, claiming their spot in the purses of many women across the country. Many celebrities have even been spotted using EOS lip balm, such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. The product has been successful from the start, and now the company has even upgraded their product. The new Crystal EOS lip balm has skyrocket in sales. It has many new appealing features that have expanded the number of consumers using EOS lip balm.

The new crystal EOS lip balm is similar to the traditional product, available here at The shell is a little different, hindering more of a triangular look, however is more or less unchanged. The balm itself is where the changes have occurred. The new balm is clear and totally see through. The reason behind this is due to the removal of beeswax. The removal of the wax will not take away from the hydration strength of the product. It will however, rid that heavy feeling associated with traditional lip care products. The new crystal EOS lip balm is totally organic and vegan. It is also packed with ingredients such as jojoba and coconut oil, that add to the hydration power of the product. This product has taken over the industry and made using lip care fun. The colorful pods can be found in most major retailers for around five bucks a pop.

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