Don Ressler, Blending Comfort and Trend to Suit Women’s Sportswear through Fabletics

In today’s world, trend plays a significant role when it comes to clothing. Sportswear falls into this category and is even a more complicated matter when it gets to deciding whether to consider comfort, cost, or trendiness. This is a common headache especially to women, giving most designers in the business a hard time to figure out what product would take care of all the needs. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg took this to their advantage and targeted to come up with women’s sportswear that would be a representation of perfection.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg formed Fabletics, with a mission to create affordable, functional, and yet fashionable active wear. This was after the realization that women’s athletic wear was there to stay and there was close to zero chances for it to slow down. Other than relying on the obvious market trends, Don and his counterparts concentrated more on their customers’ demands. They carried out tests and came up with a plan to produce clothing that fitted their clients’ interest, therefore, narrowing the chances of rejection. The tests also helped them know what the consumers found challenging about sportswear and used this to eliminate possible hurdles to their success.

Kate Hudson was also part of the team that worked for Don Ressler, being the face of the brand. Kate is a renowned actress and was therefore familiar with skills necessary for marketing and selling their brand. Fabletics was in a better position to succeed because very few companies took the risk of relying entirely on the manufacture of women sportswear for their brands. Kate Hudson came in handy portraying her cheerful, confident, and appealing personality, thus, enhancing the company’s relationship with their consumers. She doubled up as Fabletics’ spokeswoman and pushed for a massive connection with their clients. Kate has a great passion for the media world and easily create a rapport with customers.

Don Ressler worked through the challenges that are associated with managing a new company. One of the major hiccups he faced was finance issues during the early stages of the company. Don Ressler maintained a positive spirit and was able to work through the complexity of the industry. Coming up with sportswear that fits in both the brackets of comfort and trendiness was not a walk in the park. It took the combined efforts of determination and innovative skills to make it happen. Eventually, the company got to its feet and is now thriving in the industry, offering high quality and affordable products.

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