Dr. David Samadi and The Fantastic Innovation He Made in His Medical Career

There doesn’t seem to be as many people as magnanimous as David Samadi, the celebrity doctor and Chief Urology physician at Lenox Hill Hospital. There’s also not that many people who have achieved as much as Dr. David. He’s also the head of the Robotic-equipped Surgery in the hospital, and because of his board-certified license as a specialist in urology, he’s able to offer his skill set to diagnose and treat a variety of diseases, which include certain types of cancer.

David Samadi is also adept in the field of advanced prostatectomy, which involves invasive treatments for various conditions in the prostate gland.

The Personal History

It may be useful for your research to know that David Samadi grew up in Iran, in a tight Jewish family at age 15. After leaving Iran during the 1979 Iranian Revolution, he went to Belgium and continued his education there before coming to the United States. He completed high school in New York. Later on, he pursued advanced studies and finally achieved a degree in biochemistry.

The SMART Project

A part of the unceasing work that Dr. David Samadi did is his innovation and initiative project, which he called the SMART project. SMART means the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment, and this is a project designed to replace the open surgery methods today to make sure that there’s a minimally invasive way to do operations, which will be an alternate using what is called the da Vinci Surgical System.

Relevant Landmark Events

Dr. David Samadi upends the latest innovation today in medical methods and innovates to make sure that there are more efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of the services offered to the clients.

Another landmark event in the career history of Dr. Samadi is the time when he first practiced his medicine at various hospitals in his local community, which even involved a Presbyterian hospital . Right now, it is impressive to know that in 2012 he considered the most succesful and most profitable doctor in New York City, and the salary he earned totaled to about $7.6 million.

It is also fantastic that Samadi appeared as a guest on a segment for a popular TV show in America, in the effort to spread the news, info and knowledge he has over his field of expertise. He did a lot of work to discuss the many issues that women and men face for their insurance. One of the most significant statements he made in his media appearance was about the different ways that we can improve the U.S. healthcare today.

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