Felipe Montoro Jens is using his leadership skills to benefit the community he serves

The National Bank for Economic and Social Development, BNDES, and the government are working on making a partnership to help improve the sanitation services for the general public according to Felipe Montoro Jens. The structure, management, and resources were to be improved by the same initiative. An introduction of a private-public partnership would assist in reducing the waste levels in the country since most of it was currently been done by the organizations owned by the state. The experience these state-owned organizations have in the sanitation industry can be put to good use when they partnered with other private companies.

Action plans were to be prepared by BNDES according to the sanitation needs of the States they currently cover. This was to be used to come up with the implementation strategies of sanitation in these States. The loss of water was also a key factor of discussion as it was draining financial resources as well, according to Felipe. Coming up with solutions to this problem was the beginning of a better position for the financials of the institutions that were public. Felipe Montoro Jens insisted that as much as partnerships were being made, it was important to have clear lines between the goals and implementation that were to be followed up with regular inspections to make sure that the action plan was been followed as planned.

Felipe Montoro Jens is Felipe’s company Properties CEO. Furthermore, he holds the same position in Energipar Captação and previously held the same position at Felipe’s company Participações e Investimentos. He has vast experience that he has acquired over the years in different companies. He studied at Getulio Vargas Foundation and Thunderbird School of Global Management where he achieved his undergraduate and graduate degrees respectively. With his outstanding leadership, he hopes to be able to assist the community around him to succeed in the implementation of services that will be beneficial to them.

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