Four Reasons Classdojo Destroys Written Student Reports for Your Classroom

Classdojo is an instructional app that intertwines students, parents, and schools into a community. Teachers use this app as a tool to streamline communication between themselves and students by providing points for activities or daily achievements.

Work With Your Team to Build Student Engagement

Once one teacher begins to use the app at her school, she can introduce it to her colleagues. Students can then review their daily rewards from each teacher and show the progress to their parents by viewing their Student Profile online.

What’s Better Than Kid-Friendly Tech?

Teachers have an opportunity to introduce the app at the beginning of the school year so kids are aware of what’s expected. It’s designated for K-8 classes where children begin to learn about technology. Classdojo’s aim is to develop student technology knowledge by making it kid-friendly as well as adult/teacher-approved.

Devote Personal Time to Each Student’s DayTeachers use the Classdojo app as a way to encourage students by:

– giving students real-time feedback

– sharing their day with parents

– allowing students to build a portfolio

Real-time feedback is perfect for students because they are driven by rewards. An example of real-time feedback is when a teacher gives points to students that help other students during group activities or when a student volunteers to pass out materials. The students earn their daily point for leadership and teamwork.

Parents Can Chime In On the Fun!

Teachers can use the app to contact parents with private messages in their secure platform. With the student profile and parent access, students are not allowed to see parent-teacher conversations, but they are able to review their daily achievements at any time.

With this kind of technology available, each student knows their teacher is paying attention to their personal growth. You also notice that they’re invested in the parents’ interests. Classdojo is the next step into building a strong support system between the school, parents and students.

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