Glen Wakeman Traveled The World and Built His Success

Co-Founder and CEO of, LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman have experience of 20 years working with GE Capital. During his 2 decades long carrier at GE Capital, Glen lived in six different countries and worked in 32 different countries (Wingsjournal). Before joining to GE Capital, although he was an MBA in finance from The University of Chicago, he did one job of cleaning bathrooms in an auto parts factory. It was hot and dirt and was the only job he could find during the summer-long recession that year. He told this by himself in one interview when asked about, What was the worst job he ever had and what did he learn from it? He further said that It taught him that there is dignity in all types of work and to never take any opportunity for granted. This kind of foundation and start from a zero made him successfully led and transformed businesses with over 17,000 employees and $15 billion in assets in GE Capital.

After ending his successful career with GE Capital he took his next big step by Co-founding Launchpad, where he is helping and guiding new startups With Technology based solutions. Today he has a vast canvas of working, such as writing about business transformation, emerging markets and leadership, global affairs and many others which he shares with his blog and articles. Apart from this Glen Wakeman has achieved success in Financial Services, mentoring entrepreneurs, providing sound advice on raising capital, angel financing, and other strategies for successful entrepreneurs. Glen is passionate about ideas to life by forcing himself to explain them to others. He has his unique and natural approach to make them real and most importantly, defend them. His philosophy is that every idea that looks good at first place cannot be good always. Sometimes when you dive deep in those ideas and you come to know that they are dumb, but while on this process of sculpting ideas, you find something great and your ingenuity to process them gets you motivated to make it happen. One habit of Glen he says makes him more productive as an entrepreneur is the sense of curiosity. Curiosity to know why things are the way they are so one can better understand how to change them.

Glen Wakeman is a mentor, guide, financial guru, and can be a great help for those who are struggling to structure their ideas, innovation and want to make a mark as an entrepreneur. undefined


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