Goodness in Every Bite

Discerning dog owners naturally want the best for their dogs, which includes providing them with quality nutrition. Beneful, part of Nestle Purina PetCare, is a leader in the pet food market and offers dry and wet dog food that contribute to the overall health of your animal. The term “Beneful”, according to the company’s spokesperson means, “full of goodness.” This not only a definition; it’s the company’s philosophy. Beneful is committed to “humanizing” their dog food brand and giving back to the community; they have acknowledged the strong bond between pets and their owners and offers a line of dog food that resembles human food. In 2001, when the company was founded, they produced a beef stew style dog food that was a success with consumers, and in 2010 they introduced “IncredibBites”, which is a smaller kibble size food enclosed in stay-fresh packaging.

In addition to their quality dog foods; Beneful is also committed to improving our dog parks. They host an annual “Dream Dog Park contest”, in which dog parks are submitted for renovations valued at $500,000. Beneful understands that our pets are like family; this is proven not only in their products but also in community service. In 2012 Beneful was ranked as the fourth most popular dog food brand, which is a significant accomplishment for a company established in 2001. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and providing quality foods is the reason for the company’s strong customer base. “Full of goodness” is not only a definition, it’s also a mission statement and to know more visit @


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