Graham Edwards Secures His Status As England’s Businessman Extraordinaire

There are many brilliant businessmen across the globe. These individuals dream up and execute some of the most amazing business deals ever. England is, in fact, home to one of the most extraordinary businessmen in the world. This man is Graham Edwards.


A recent article published on the Insider Media Limited website gives a short insight to the amazing accomplishments that Graham Edwards has achieved. The article was written by the Senior Digital Staff Writer, Jon Robinson. The title of the articles is, “CEO Steps Up To Chairman.” It was published on April 12,2018.


The article discussed the recent personnel changes that are currently taking place at Graham Edwards’ place of employment, Telereal Trillium. These changes include Graham Edwards changing positions from Chief Executive Officer to Chairman of the Board. The article also includes a brief interview with Graham Edwards. During this interview, he discussed the restructuring of the company and the impact it will have on the company’s future.


Graham Edwards is an expert in the business and real estate sectors. He has been with Telereal since its inception. Prior to joining the Telereal family, he help several other important positions also. These positions were at companies such as Merrill Lynch Investment Management, Talisman Global Asset Management, and BT Group PLc.


This businessman extraordinaire is also a very active participant in his community. He has sat on several boards and committees throughout the years. These groups are active in various community projects and events. Some of these boards and committees include One Voice Europe, Portland Trust, Business Friends of The Hebrew University, The Fellow Of The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, and The UK Society of Investment Professionals.


Graham is also interested in various other sectors in the business world. These interests include mining, software development, and other areas involving technological advances. He is also an avid investor and philanthropist.

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