Gregory James Aziz was born in 1949. James Aziz joined Ridley College later on studied in Western University Ontario and majored in Economics. Gregory James Aziz joined his family food business in 1971, and in 16 years the company grew to a worldwide importer of fresh foods wholesale markets in the United States and Eastern Canada.


With the acquired knowledge and the gained experience from past banking opportunities, Greg was able to purchase the National Steel Car from Dofasco in the early 1990’s. His goal was to transform this once American leading railroad Freight car manufacturer and expanded the company and increased the purchase of cars by 1999. National Steel Car is the leading new car innovation due to do his engineering experience and is internationally certified and holding this honor for 18 years now.


The National Steel Car has been committed to Hamilton community and has sponsored the Salvation Army the United Way, the Hamilton Opera, and Theater Aquarius amongst others. Gregory J Aziz and his wife are the sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


Gregory Aziz speaks of continually challenging himself and persistently raising the bar while knowing how to focus on their strength with the efficiency unmatched in the rail industry. Gregory James notes that the cornerstone of his achievement of the company is from the people and is proud of what is achieved.


Gregory Aziz has a deep sense of purpose, and they are right to his core values because Greg Aziz knows that his customers trust him. He has been able to build the highest quality railcars with consistently top on-time delivery performance. With 100 years of excellence in engineering and manufacturing, National Steel Car today has earned a reputation as North Americas leading Railroad freight and tank car manufacturer.


Gregory James Aziz speaks of not resting on the past achievements but listening and attending to the voice of the customer to keep on being top leaders in Northern America’s railcar manufacturing. Continues to give thanks for the loyalty and the support from his customer’s values the relationship of the suppliers with the outstanding commitment and integrity from 2000 team members. Go To This Page to learn more.


Gregory James Aziz recorded that at National Steel Car has a sense of purpose, which is to honor the tradition of their past, move forward with determination and perform relentlessly to focus on excellence and quality.

Greg James Aziz has a motto of To Always Lead.

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