Honey Bridette is Not Afraid of Controversy and May Not Deserve it

Honey Bridette has found itself stirring controversy in the past, and the company is not afraid to face more in the future. However, people must ask themselves if this controversy is warranted, or should people take more of a ‘live and let live’ approach to life.

One such controversial action had the company receiving both complaints, and praise. This was due to an impromptu flash mob that employees and some of their models organized to show their support for marriage equality. The company’s positive message of support was met with praise from many. However, it was also met with complaints by some who felt that the company’s actions were inappropriate.

While some see it as inappropriate, to others it is refreshing to see a company take a stand. Too many companies play it safe when it comes to their beliefs. Whether you agree with Honey Bridette’s stance of not, it’s nice to see a company being willing to stand tall and voice their convictions instead of backing off and staying quiet in order to not offend anyone.

Another recent controversy involved a lingerie poster hung in their stores. The company sells lingerie, so such posters should be expected. These days people wear lingerie out in the streets, should such posters really create a sensation when they are used in stores that sell these products?

These days it seems that it’s difficult to do anything without offending someone. While it’s important to cater to your customers and keep them happy as much as possible, it may be time for businesses to also stick to their belief system, stand up for what they believe in, and advertise in a way that fits their brand. Honey Bridette and their marriage quality flash mob is leading the way in doing this and still run a successful company.

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