How Brown Modeling Agency Helps Its Clients

The Brown Modeling Agency is a company based in Austin, Texas. It was founded in the spring of 2010 by Justin Brown. He serves as the president of this company that helps people as a full-service modeling and acting agency. The Brown Modeling Agency can help people find jobs in the industry in a broad number of ways. They have helped their clients get parts on tv shows, movies, and tv ads. In the fashion industry they have helped people get gigs on runways, trade shows, and conventions. They also have clients that have found working doing voiceovers and industrial videos.

Justin Brown was born in Reno, Nevada, but he grew up in Susanville, California. He says that when he was attending college he paid for a lot of it by both being a model himself and working in a nearby modeling agency. He says it paid really well, earning him $100 an hour to do things like model Lucky Brand jeans. He graduated with a degree in business management and decided to go behind the scenes instead of in front of them.

He worked in the industry for a number of agencies before founding his own. He was known for training models who could act very professionally. He moved to Austin in 2005 and founded his own modeling agency after working professionally in the industry for a few years. His first company was called Wilhelmina Brown. His first offices were above a Japanese fast food joint and employed just seven people. Despite this they managed the careers of over 450 models and actors. He eventually merged with a rival in the area called Heyman Talent South and changed the name to Brown Modeling Agency.


According to Market Wired, one thing that Justin Brown says about his agency is that it is regulated by the government and as such you can’t make promises to your clients that you can’t keep. In his state the regulator is the Texas Workforce Commission. Due to this part of the job he and his staff fulfill is to manage actors and models expectations so that they don’t think they’re going to have a major part in like a Star Wars movie right off the bat.

The clients of Brown Agency pay a percentage of their pay for the work that this modeling agency does for them. If they get a modeling job, for example, they pay the agency 20%. If they get a job ion a movie, tv show, video, or commercial job they give the agency 15% if it’s non-union and 10% if it is union. By working together on the model or actors career everyone benefits including the eventual viewers of their talent.



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