How Is Success Academy Achieving Much Success in the Industry?

Success Academy is a school like no other. This charter school that was started in 2006 by educational reformist Eva Moskowitz is making a name for itself and creating an impacting in the lives of its community by turning poor performing student and the marginalized one into the cream of the society. For the past few years, this is what the institution has been doing.


Currently, the charter school has 41 schools with student capacity of more than 14,000 students. To foster transparency in the education system from the word go, the institutions conducts two selection process where a list of students is selected from a pool of potential applicants. With limited vacancies at the the charter school, Eva is still hopeful that they will be given an opportunity to expand their territories and serve the increasing number of students better.


Since its establishment, Success Academy has been a force to reckon with when it comes to improving the quality of education. A number of factors have helped ensure that this is so. Top on the list is the investment in teachers and caregivers. One thing that Success Academy is determined to offer exemplary is quality education. With the realization that it tends to the needs of a special group of scholars in the economy, the institution has invested its facilities in hiring enough teachers and caregivers to provide special attention to its students thus helping nurture them academically and physiologically too.


Improved curriculum. In Success Academy, students are fully equipped with knowledge as compared to other schools. This chartered school ensures that at least a complete learning session takes a minimum of 80 minutes. During this time depending on the level of education, there are practical where scholars are helped to understand the concepts better.


Parent’s participation. When it comes to Success Academy, parents are involved in the student’s’ academic journey from the beginning. Among the many things, parents are required to attend all schools functions and help their children with school assignment that includes reading for them a storybook before they go to sleep.


Success Academy is revolutionizing the education system. With this timely and effective strategies sooner than later educational reforms will be part and parcel of every school.

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