How Maggie Gill Has Build A Strong Career Solving Health Problems

Offering solutions to problems in this world is a key to success that one gets to benefit from for many years. There are many professionals who dedicated their careers to building new ideas and offering solutions to the challenges ailing different professions. One of the professionals who has been actively involved in building her career is Maggie Gill, a health executive with over 10 years’ experience in the industry. She is celebrated for building several companies and ensuring strong structures are set to control different functions.


Her input to Memorial Health has seen the company rise from a low level to become one of the best in the country. With a 605-bed capacity and presence in 35 counties, Memorial Health is proof that the leadership of the company is made up of professionals who are experienced enough to face complex problems head on. Maggie Gill has been monitoring all the processes of development that led to the establishment of the company and she continues to come up with new ideas that have helped to propel the company to greater heights.


Education and career

To become a successful leader, Maggie Gill first pursued several educational courses to get the needed skills and ideas to manage working on problems and challenges. She enrolled at the Arizona State University and was awarded an honors degree. Later, she joined the Saint Leo University to purse an MBA, which only gave her the needed skills to manage an enterprise. This quest for knowledge allowed her to join Wharton School for courses in strategic thinking. Her quality of always going for what she wants has pushed her to achieve greater things.


All the experience and skills she gained allowed her to market her career and within few days she received appointments to several companies. Maggie Gill built her career while she worked at Tenet South Florida Health System, a health institution that benefitted from her services for five years. She showed her skills to the world when she won for three consecutive times the Tenet Outstanding CFO awards.


Due to her prowess, she also helped several other companies manage their activities. Some of the companies she worked with include North Shore Medical Center, Coral Gables and Palmetto Hospital. After this she joined Memorial Health in 2004 and served as the deputy of the CEO. In 2011, she was appointed the CEO and President of Memorial Health and this was following her dedication to building the company and achieving greater than her peers.


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