How Susan McGalla Would Recommended Overcoming Obstacles

Susan McGalla is an entrepreneur and a successful business professional. She is someone that one can learn a lot from when it comes to making a lot of progress towards goals. In a world that is filled with a lot of different mentalities that are not profitable in the long run, Susan McGalla has shown herself to be more about playing the cards that she was dealt. Because she was so willing to work with her situation, she has gone very far. She has held a lot of positions in leadership which allowed her to experience a lot of the luxuries that success offers.


Susan has worked for many different companies. Among the companies that she worked for was American Eagle Outfitters. Given her ideas and a willingness to execute her ideas, she has brought forth a lot of expansion to the company. American Eagle Outfitters has opened a couple of new lines of clothing for more people to take advantage of the styles and the quality of products that the company offers. She has gone on to work for other companies and brought similar results. She now runs her own networking and marketing company called P3 while she also does marketing for the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Susan McGalla is also a speaker on business success. When she speaks, she is someone worth paying attention to because she makes sure that women get advice that is practical. She refrains from going into the woes of being a woman in the workforce. She instead goes into ways that women can protect themselves while asserting themselves. She is using her own life as an example for people to follow. One thing that she says is helpful is to actually think about everyone else as human beings as opposed to their gender. She also provides advice on how to come up with sound business plans.


Susan McGalla’s attitude and work ethic is what brought her very far. She has the right balance that helps people get up to the level that they desire. She is assertive without being overly aggressive. She is very respectful to people, including people who are working under her.


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