How Whitney Wolfe Herd Built Her Billion Dollar Empire

The tech industry is making incredible fortunes overnight and the dating world is the source of many of them. This is exemplified by the overnight growth of Whitney Wolfe Herd and her ability to turn her app Bumble into one of America’s household names without even trying, but there’s so much more to what she’s trying to do than simply making a successful app. She wants to use Bumble as a way to empower women and give them much more control over their lives. Starting with dating but going much further, she has made Bumble into one of the most popular apps for friend matching and business as well.

It can’t be stressed enough just how much her app is changing the world around us. While there have been plenty of dating apps, none have attempted to take on sexual harassment online in the same way Bumble has. Bumble makes sure all heterosexual encounters start with the woman making the first move. This means there is no room for sexual harassment and it means that women no longer need to fear rejection. The plan is off to a great start and it’s made Bumble into one of the most popular apps around, but there’s so much more to Bumble than dating.

In addition to dating, people are using Bumble to find friends and network. This makes Bumble so much more than its competitors. You can find other apps out there to get a date, but how many of them offer you the ability to network and talk to new people? This is going to give Wolfe an advantage her rivals only wish they could duplicate with their own apps. It isn’t going to take long for Bumble to turn into the female friendly equivalent of the other social media giants we’ve grown used to.

Whitney Wolfe Herd took on the role of CEO at the age of 27 and she’s proven she’s one of the greatest leaders around. There are so many tech entrepreneurs out there it can be difficult to decide which ones are really standing out. Given the profound success of Bumble, we can be certain she’ll be written down in the analogs of history as someone who helped redefine how we think about dating and social networking in general. The female voice in social media has spoken and it looks like she’s going to be here for a long time.

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