Jeff Aronin: The hope for patients with rare illnesses

The greatest challenge faced by medical practitioners and patients is the increased number of illnesses with no adequate treatment options. These rare diseases that normally affect a few numbers of people are either devoid of a treatment option or are often misdiagnosed. This usually leads to little to no research on these illnesses by biotech companies. However, hope has been rekindled in the field of biotechnology by the innovative ideas of the physician, Jeff Aronin. He has applied his clinical expertise by bringing forward efficient treatment options through his company called the Paragon Biosciences.

Paragon biosciences is an investment company that helps in building and growing other leading biotechnology companies with an aim geared towards assisting people to live longer while maintaining healthier lives. The team led by Jeff Aronin at Paragon Biosciences is mainly focused on identifying the patient’s needs, understanding the science behind those needs and building companies that address those patient needs. These companies that form part of the Paragon biosciences portfolio venture in the development of therapeutics for rare conditions.

Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals develop therapies for patients with rare but serious and debilitating dermatologic conditions. Harmony biosciences help identify, develop, obtain regulatory approval and commercialize innovative drugs for patients with sleep and central nervous system disorders. Besides, Decade develops therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease while Precision BP focuses on treatments for rare oncology diseases of genetic origin.

This great innovation is made possible by the effective leadership skills coupled with the strategic operations of Jeff Aronin who is the CEO of paragon biosciences. Since 2010, Jeff Aronin has manifested great leadership as the chairman of his company where he is also the chief executive officer. His leadership experience has also been manifested at other portfolio companies of Paragon (Crunchbase). Mr Aronin initially founded a biopharmaceutical company called Ovation in the year 2000 where he served as the CEO and president till 2009.

Mr. Aronin obtained his bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University. He also achieved his MBA from DePaul University. His success is possibly attributed to his focus on patients and a keen eye for drug development. This trait has differentiated his companies from other biotech companies who are usually not focused on addressing smaller and rare diseases.


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