Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Could Actually Catch Amazon

When you talk about any clothing retailer being able to compete with the Amazon giant, you really have to look at the numbers to understand the huge effort going on here. Amazon is not messing around in this market, in fact, they are pulling in 20 percent of all online apparel sales despite there being thousands competing for every dollar. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is not afraid of the big bad wolf, they have been comfortably passing the competition and selling nearly $250 million in women’s active-wear and workout apparel over the last few years. These numbers have certainly gotten the attention of Amazon, something not many clothing retailers can claim.


When you talk to Hudson about how her athleisure brand has grown so popular in such little time, she talks about reverse showrooming and her membership package. These are not anything unique, in fact, these are sales techniques most companies are already using with limited success. So how does Kate Hudson’s Fabletics make them work to the tune of $250 million in sales? All you have to do is look at the sales process at the Fabletics stores in your local mall to get that answer. Here you will find women shopping the latest arrivals in workout apparel on their breaks, trying on everything in the store, getting their memberships, or taking the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz.


Part of membership perks include those items you try on at the mall getting uploaded to your online profile. Since you know the apparel fits you perfectly at the mall, you can take your time online and stuff your shopping cart with just about anything you like. Unlike shopping at retailers like eBay or Amazon, you are not guessing about the sizes and waiting weeks for the clothing to arrive before you ship it back and try to get the right sizing. At Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, you know it already fits, you just shop the extensive online inventory and enjoy other perks.


When it comes to buying clothing online, may women buy on impulse. If you visit Amazon and you are not sure about the sizing, then you buy a single piece and you wait. When you have to return it, you really are taking away from that impulse, and it starts to feel more like a chore. That is not how things work at Fabletics. The real attraction here is knowing that when you do find the size that you like in the mall, you can rush to the online store and start filling up your e-commerce cart.


Part of the perks members of Hudson’s Fabletics receive include free shipping, a personal assistant’s help, and even discounted apparel pricing. Women are discovering that they can get the latest in stylish workout apparel delivered right to their door without having to worry about quality, sizing, or pricing. Amazon is going to discover that their membership plan of charging $79 just for discounted shipping doesn’t stack up to the way you are treated as a loyal customer at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics site.

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