Lime Crime’s New Release Will Help Brunettes

For years, Doe Deere has made sure Lime Crime is catering to those who want to be different from the crowd. She eschews nudes and neutral tones. Instead, her brand likes to work with people who are bold and bright. She feels it is a big part of the industry so she does what she can to make things better for all the people who she works with. The brand likes bright colors and those who shop with the brand know they will be able to get the most from the bright colors they have to offer. There are many different things people can choose from. On top of it all, the brand is always cruelty-free. It is even vegan-friendly for those who want to wear fun makeup, but who don’t want to have to worry about compromising the morals they have based on the things they would typically use.

Out of all of this, Lime Crime has made headlines for the bright colors they have. While their makeup is all bright, Doe Deere wanted to do something that would be different for the people who were wanting something more. She knew it would be a great idea to make hair color. The dye can be used easily by anyone who wants to use it, but the colors only used to show up on blonde hair. This excluded a lot of people who were brunette which made things harder on them to get the best blue hair colors.

Now, though, Lime Crime is offering even more colors. Their new hair color line is just for people who are brunettes. The brand knows how important it is to cater to everyone, so this is just another step in that direction. The colors work best on dark hair instead of light. If people choose to use these colors they will have four different choices: pink, purple, green and blue. The brand is offering these to brunettes and it is the first time that hair color has been targeted specifically at people who have dark hair instead of people who have hair that is light.

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