Meet Jason Hope: He’s a philanthropist, serial entrepreneur, and marketing expert who wants to help cure some of the biggest chronic diseases and stop human aging

Jason Hope may not be a name brought up when discussing the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies or first-movers in the areas of artificial intelligence or virtual reality, but he is someone who believes in the present and future technology having a revolutionary effect on medicine and its future applications.

Hope earned an undergraduate degree in Finance from Arizona State University. In addition to his bachelor’s degree, Hope also acquired his MBA by attending Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason Hope has gained quite a bit of wealth with his Internet-based companies that he founded after graduating from business school.

As a self-professed marketing expert, Hope also considers himself a forward-thinking person, and a philanthropist who enjoys funding things that he has a passion for and believes firmly in like medical research. Hope likes to contribute to the anti-aging projects going on in the U.S. that concern cell regenerative projects. Jason Hope wants to help find a cure for chronic diseases like diabetes and especially Alzheimer’s disease. He even wants to end human aging or reverse the aging process entirely.

From a humanitarian standpoint, Hope spends a lot of his time and energy making charitable contributions to important causes and organizations. One of the individuals that Jason Hope believes in and provides financial support to his cause, also predicts that children born today may live to 1,000 years old based on research. And that individual’s name is Dr. Aubrey De Grey.

Besides providing grant money to young entrepreneurs, Jason Hope’s has supported Dr. Aubrey De Grey and his philanthropic ventures at the non-profit organization he helped co-found called Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescience Research Foundation (SNES). SNES is a non-profit that involves regenerative medicine and cutting-edge research. SENS was founded in 2009 by Aubrey de Grey, Sarah Marr, Michael Kope, Jeff Hall, and Kevin Perrott. In December 2010, Jason Hope gave 500 thousand dollars to Dr. Aubrey de Grey’s SNES. Because of Hope’s significant financial gift, this non-profit organization was able to move into new research milieus and hatch a laboratory at Cambridge University for medical research.

SENS promotes a revolutionary concept they conceived called the “SENS approach.” This approach concerns a method where repairing the living cells of a human body will ultimately prevent the effects of aging. SENS targets the cause of disease by fixating their research on the cell level or the mitochondrial DNA.

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