Michel Terpins Journey in Brazilian Rally competitions

When Jack Terpins, a renowned basketball player, and the president of Maccabi Latin America Confederation and Latin America Jewish Council was raising his two sons, he never imagines that they would grow to become stars in the sporting world. Since they launched their career in a car rally in the early 2000s, Michel and his brother Rodrigo Terpins have grown to become utterly fearless, and utterly headstrong rally drivers.

Michel was born and brought up in a sport loving family. His father played basketball, and his brother is a passionate rally driver. Even though Michel is in his 40s, Michel has lost none of his nerves or the zeal to succeed.

Michel Terpins started differently than most of other rally drivers. He launched his career with the bikes, and the shifted to cars after participating and winning several motorsports competitions. Michel has always been passionate about cars. He loves speed and the thrill that comes with rally driving. To Michel, rallying is part of his life.

He has had a successful career in car racing since the early 2000s. Michel has been racing with his brother as the co-driver for many years. They are part of the Bull Serteos Rally that recently held one of the most challenging competitions. The Bull Serteos Rally Competition covered a total distance of 2600 km with the terrain traversing two States.

Participating in the Bull Serteos Rally requires a driver who is full of determination, commitment, and passion for the cars. Michel Terpins and his brother ride in the T1 prototypes. He teamed up with Fabricio Bianchini in the T1 prototype where they emerged in position three. They emerged in 8th position in the 22nd edition of the rally.

During the competition, Michel and his co-driver focused on familiarizing with the car that they were racing with and the terrain. They exercise caution throughout the competition, which enabled them to rank among the top. Michel was happy with the performance that they pulled out in the competition noting that they performed beyond his expectations. Bull Serteos 22nd edition was one of the biggest off-road competitions that Michel has participated in. The competition attracted a host of famous rally drivers, sponsors, and spectators.

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