NPG Van Is Working To Bring Progressive And Democratic Political Campaigns Into The Future

NGP Van is a leading software provider that works with Democratic and progressive campaigns in the United States. By helping Democrats who are running for public office to use everything that is available to them on the web as well as on mobile devices, the company is improving the way that they run their campaigns. NPG VAN also works with progressive organizations and labor unions to help give them an edge through the use of data-driven strategies that are proven to work. It is highly important, in today’s world, for progressives and Democrats to understand new technologies and be able to use them for their advantage, because not doing so can lead to them losing at the polls.

In the 20th century, Radio and Television were huge tools for political candidates; especially due to the fact that they were newer at the time. Franklin Delano Roosevelt utilized radio through his “Fireside Chats,” and others used it just as well. While it is true that radio is not used as much as it once was for political campaigning, FDR and other figures as well as organizations used it to its fullest while it was. Today, with all of the cutting-edge technologies in existence, communications with voters can be done in a new way.



The Obama Administration launched a mobile app that was powered through NPG Van during his campaign that was called Pollwatcher. This was a good investment and countered Mitt Romney’s own failed tech tools at the time. Obama also used other online tools to move his campaign forward, and in the world of today, it is now possible for candidates to connect with its voters through a website or app. The truth is that political campaigns are much more complicated now than at any time in the past, and NPG VAN can help to cut out all of the noise and clutter. The company recently unveiled its ActBlue integration, which works to give campaigns immediate access to contribution data, which will help to make fundraising a much more organized and efficient effort.


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