Malcom CasSelle Keeps Fraud Out of Gaming

Malcolm CasSelle is the Chief Investment Officer of OPSkins, the biggest bitcoin merchant and the top seller of in-game virtual assets in the world. Malcolm CasSelle’s company created WAX, the Worldwide Asset eXchange, which is a peer to peer marketplace for their users to trade their virtual assets. It’s a decentralized network that allows the trading of these assets to go smoother and more securely. Malcolm CasSelle’s WAX system prevents fraud and fragmentation with a widget that implements blockchain technology. Users don’t even have to leave their game by instantly buy and sell goods.

The virtual asset market is fragmented, meaning there are several systems that aren’t integrated for various reasons like language, location, security, and payment processing. Malcolm CasSelle’s system looks to change that. One of the main focuses WAX has is stopping fraud, a problem the virtual asset world is full of. They are doing this through smart contracts that guarantee the delivery of the product upon delivery of funds. Since the system is decentralized, there aren’t third parties that need to get involved in the process.

Malcolm CasSelle has computer science degrees from both Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the acting president of WAX alongside being the Chief Investment Officer of OPSkins. He has also been the President and Chief Technology Officer at tronc, the former Tribune Publishing and oversaw properties buying and selling digital assets. Prior to tronc, the acted as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media for SeaChange International when it purchased Timeline Labs, of which he was Chief Executive Officer.

Mark CasSelle’s social network for gamers, Xfire, had 22 million users. As his obligations grew, he kept the network going by handing the reins to some of the users of the site. He also founded the company PCCW, a Hong Kong-based telecom company that is valued at over $35 billion USD.




The Story Behind Dr. Mark Holterman.

Dr. Mark Holterman is an internationally recognized Pediatric surgeon and researcher. He was raised in Wisconsin. He attended his college education at Yale University. Here, he managed to graduate with honors in Bachelor of Arts in Biology. Later on, in 1980, he joined the University of Virginia. He acquired his Md and Ph.D. in Medicine and immunology. His journey to becoming a medical scientist began in this institution. His interest in pediatrics inspired his wife, Al-xuan, to becoming a surgeon.

Dr. Mark Holterman processes a professional experience of over two decades. He is a lecturer in the University of Illinois College of medicine to medical students. He is also the medical officer to Mariam Global health (Mariamglobal). This is a foundation that tends to invest in businesses with an aim of advancing medical technology. He has also published several articles in stem cell therapy.

In his duties, Dr. Mark Holtersma is known to have impeccable skills. His patients love him for his caring bedside skills. His research skills have motivated him towards establishing Hannah Sunshine. This is a charitable organization aimed at finding children with rare chronic illnesses and offering them treatment. He is also one of the co-founders of IPSAC-VN. This is a non-profit organization aiming at reducing hospital infections in Vietnam (

In honor of his works, Dr. Mark Holterman has received several awards. For instance, he received an award of one of Americas Top Doctors since 2008. This shows his enthusiasm in his medical profession. He has also won the Patients choice award severally. This is a show of ranking and favor from his patients.

With much exposure to the medical field, Dr. Mark Holterman has a unique perspective on the health sector. Among his organization’s goals is to bring together medical professionals in Vietnam and US with an objective of finding ways to improve hospital conditions. His efforts as a practitioner and researcher have had an effect on the medical technology generally. His achievements cannot be underrated and we cannot predict what he is planning for his people.



Chris Linkas and Investor Inquisitiveness

Investors like to learn new things. And they should. This is almost a required trait if you want to be a successful investor. However, they should at the same time realize that they will always need to learn things. In other words, there should never be a time in their professional lives when they think they know everything. This is true even for professional investors and management teams that work on portfolio’s all day every day. Some fund managers do get a little overconfident in what they know that is when you see them getting careless and making some huge investment mistakes.

One of the best examples of an investment firm full of managers who are constantly learning and doing superb as a result is Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc ( A UK-Based company that commonly assists in and manages investments in real estate, shipping, renewables, secondary LP interests, non-performing loans, leases, performing asset-backed investments, servicer/platform investments, and corporate loans and securities.

The company is headquartered in New York where it specializes in opportunistic debt and equity real estate investments. However, even these two world-class fund managers have not been impervious at times to being overconfident in themselves. So if you are an investor constantly strive to learn everything you can. That includes keeping careful tabs of world news. In fact, some investors revolve all of their investment decision making around daily news.

The investment wizard, Chris Linkas, helps the company make billions of dollars every year. Linkas, who officially serves as the firms Head of Credit for the European sector, strongly believes that maintaining an active inquisitiveness is key to financial success.


Drew Madden Analyzes the American Health Care Industry

The American health care industry is a beehive of activity, with players in the sector engaging in ingenious strategies aimed at “owning” the American health care consumer. CVS Health—an established retail pharmacy firm based in Rhode Island but with operations across America—announced in the last quarter of 2017 its intentions to acquire Aetna. Preliminary investigations suggest that CVS Heath would spend $69 billion to purchase the health insurance giant.

While CVS Health’s acquisition of Aetna might seem like a typical inorganic growth strategy, health care pundits view it from a different perspective. They suspect Amazon’s entry into the American health care industry prompted CVS Health to settle on increasing the number of its subsidiaries.

Amazon, an e-commerce and cloud computing company, had not shown interest in the health care sector until November 2017. In fact, the company’s current interest in the health care industry involving distribution of health-care-related equipment is still in its budding stage. Amazon is a respectable company known for its “marketing genius,” and companies in health care are wary of its presence in the health care sector. They foresee a situation where Amazon will seek additional licenses to play a greater role in health care, such as distributing prescription medications. If that is Amazon’s ultimate goal, CVS Health stands to face stiff competition.

CVS Health is putting its house in order, its primary objective being a one-stop shop for basic health care needs. The assumption is that health care consumers are less likely to relocate to a competitor if their current provider has most of their needs covered. For more details visit LinkedIn.

As CVS Health restructures in preparation for a showdown with Amazon, American health care consumers are delighted that Amazon is now part of the health care industry. They are particularly fascinated by Amazon’s established retail footprint, which cuts across America. The future is bright for health care consumers as many people stand to access health care services. Check out

Who is Drew Madden?

Drew Madden is a senior fellow at Evergreen Healthcare Partners, health care industry’s leading provider of electronic health records expertise.  Madden also is a health care IT entrepreneur, fascinated by electronic medical records and how they can be used to improve the American health care industry.

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Glen Wakeman – Knows How to Make Business Work

To know Glen Wakeman is to know a great entrepreneur, global business executive, mentor, investor and a world-wide business executive. His distinguished career began with a degree in economics and science from the University of Scranton in 1981. He coupled this with a masters in business administration of the University of Chicago in 1983 ( His training enhanced his desire to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses through executive development and innovative ideas.

Wakeman is the CEO and co-founder of Launchpad Holdings, LLC. This company, founded in 2015, provides new entrepreneurs with software containing the on-line training they need to expand on the successful results of their companies. Through his writing and blogs, he offers sound advice on capital raising, strategy and angel financing. He recently released an educational video explaining how new CEOs can grow their businesses.

In 2015, Wakeman also launched Nova Four, which offers on running a new company and advice on how to raise funds to keep the company thriving.

Prior to starting Launchpad Holdings, Wakeman worked with GE Capital where he spent over 20 years gaining experience in business development, general management and operations management. As Chief Executive Officer of GE Money Latin America, he created an operation involving nine countries. This operation went on to earn in excess of $2 million, employing more than 17,000 individuals. As a recognition of his services, when Wakeman left the company, he was given the GE Growth Leadership award.

Glen Wakeman’s believes that new business owners need adequate planning and structure. His vision through his software is to provide these businesses with five crucial elements that include leadership to enable a company to make changes; human capital to keep focus on strategy and vision; execution to blend technology, processes and people; risk management to keep disruptions at a minimal and governance to allow for constructive disagreement. His mission is to continue to encourage all businesses and entrepreneurs to support their communities.



Glen Wakeman Traveled The World and Built His Success

Co-Founder and CEO of, LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman have experience of 20 years working with GE Capital. During his 2 decades long carrier at GE Capital, Glen lived in six different countries and worked in 32 different countries (Wingsjournal). Before joining to GE Capital, although he was an MBA in finance from The University of Chicago, he did one job of cleaning bathrooms in an auto parts factory. It was hot and dirt and was the only job he could find during the summer-long recession that year. He told this by himself in one interview when asked about, What was the worst job he ever had and what did he learn from it? He further said that It taught him that there is dignity in all types of work and to never take any opportunity for granted. This kind of foundation and start from a zero made him successfully led and transformed businesses with over 17,000 employees and $15 billion in assets in GE Capital.

After ending his successful career with GE Capital he took his next big step by Co-founding Launchpad, where he is helping and guiding new startups With Technology based solutions. Today he has a vast canvas of working, such as writing about business transformation, emerging markets and leadership, global affairs and many others which he shares with his blog and articles. Apart from this Glen Wakeman has achieved success in Financial Services, mentoring entrepreneurs, providing sound advice on raising capital, angel financing, and other strategies for successful entrepreneurs. Glen is passionate about ideas to life by forcing himself to explain them to others. He has his unique and natural approach to make them real and most importantly, defend them. His philosophy is that every idea that looks good at first place cannot be good always. Sometimes when you dive deep in those ideas and you come to know that they are dumb, but while on this process of sculpting ideas, you find something great and your ingenuity to process them gets you motivated to make it happen. One habit of Glen he says makes him more productive as an entrepreneur is the sense of curiosity. Curiosity to know why things are the way they are so one can better understand how to change them.

Glen Wakeman is a mentor, guide, financial guru, and can be a great help for those who are struggling to structure their ideas, innovation and want to make a mark as an entrepreneur. undefined


Agora Financial Helping Readers Understand Financial Market Closely

Organizing your finances correctly and ensuring that they are in proper order is essential to achieve your financial goals in the future. One of the reasons why wealthy people continue to get richer with time is because of the smart investment decisions they take with the money they make. Without proper investments, it is not possible to make considerable returns in the future. There are many different types of investment options available these days, starting from low risks options to high-risk possibilities and you can choose as per your risk appetite and future financial goals.Agora Financial, a leading publishing house based in Baltimore, Maryland, and started by Bill Bonner, offers publications in different formats to help the modern users today to get the financial information they need to make informed decisions about their money.

Agora Financial has been able to gain the trust of millions of readers over a period and currently has 1.2 million subscribers to it’s over twenty different publications. The pool of financial experts at Agora Financial ensures that the information and market predictions shared through Agora Financial are accurate and based on facts. Agora Financial has a history of providing accurate and reliable market predictions, which has helped the readers to protect their money. In the volatile financial market of today, the readers need the market analysis and forecast that they can trust, and it is what is provided by Agora Financial through its many publications. The primary aim of these publications is to ensure that the readers can get firsthand financial information from different industries of their interest.

Agora Financial publishes around 20 print and digital publications, and there are other outlets too like conference, seminars, and videos through which Agora Financial shares the financial information.The fact that Agora Financial is entirely independent and doesn’t take money from any company or organization to provide coverage is what makes it one of the most trusted financial advisory publications. Agora Financial has a system in place when it comes to providing the reports and analysis that it offers. Agora Financial is known for giving tips and tricks to the readers on how they can save their money as well as invest it wisely to get better returns on their investments. Such suggestions have proved to be highly helpful for the readers over the years and continue to be one of the reasons why Agora Financial is so popular among the readers as a finance based publication.

The Professional and Personal Adventures of Glen Wakeman

The proven 5 step performance methodology is Glen Wakeman’s masterpieces. The said methodology is about business execution, human capital, leadership power and risk management. His success as a writer and investor makes Glen Wakeman more than capable to motivate others on anything under the sun. Having been exposed to divestitures, emerging markets, and corporate management makes him an astute strategist who can provide perceptive advice to uppermost administrative level groups such as Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees. Wakeman’s reputed ability to develop accurate methods that are applicable to every business industry is can only be equaled by a few.


Business Contributor

Wakeman is a committed contributor to transformative business prospects, which makes his opinion in international affairs valuable. He offers thought-out recommendations on international financing platforms, capital building, and angel investing. He is fervent in all the facets of growth in the changing global marketplace, business innovations, and business development. Moreover, he has lived in six different countries and managed business ventures in thirty regional parts internationally.

In the entire length of his profession, Glen Wakeman became popular in the role of a business innovator. His job comprises of developing new performance methodologies and direction for start-up companies. His creation LaunchPad Holdings was founded in 2015. Glen has a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Masters of Business Administration in Finance.

During the early part of his profession, Wakeman was employed at GE Capital and creator of Nova Four. His responsibilities and positions involved the development of business, CEO, Board of Directors, etc.

In an interview, Glen Wakeman said that his habit to be productive is having a high curiosity because it pushes him to solve problems. He also added that if he were to start again, he would keep a list of acquaintances and friends so he can keep in touch with them.

He further revealed that the most awful job he had was cleaning the bathrooms in a factory for auto parts because it was filthy, dirty and sweaty all at the same time. But he did it anyway since paid for his college education, and it was the only job he could get at that time because of the recession. This particular experience taught him never to take opportunities for granted and that every type of labor provide self-worth.



Perry Mandera Doing Business and Philanthropy

Perry Mandera is the brains behind The Custom Companies Inc. The company is located in Northlake, Illinois. Apart from running his company, Perry is a major supporter of the Illinois State Crime Commission (ISCC). Due to his dedication, this organization recognized him with Bishop Sheil Award in the year 2010. The ISCC is an entity that works closely with Police Athletic League. It is also an organization that deals with crime reduction and juvenile delinquency. At the same time, it promotes appropriate interaction between law enforcers and the public.

Perry Mandera went to high school in Chicago and completed in 1975. After high school, Mandera joined the United States Marine Corps Reserves. He was tasked with the motor pool. At this time, Perry learnt how to drive a truck. After completing his service and discharged honorably, Perry worked for several transportation companies. This experience inspired him to start his own company. He sold his first business and got into politics as a committeeman for the 26th Ward in Chicago.

Customs Companies Inc. was begun in 1986 and is now a popular business serving clients from all levels. The company has more than three hundred employees and has made over two hundred million sales. Perry has ensured that his company offers full services in transportation. He has taken a management role that makes sure the company follows its mission and vision. Looking at the success of the company, Perry has exceptional skills of leadership.

Perry Mandera is not just a business person looking to make money. He is a known philanthropist. Nowadays, his life is about giving back to the community. Perry created Custom Cares Charities Inc. It is an entity that extends help to the society. The organization works with other organizations aligned to what it does. By combining efforts, it becomes easier to impact the society. It is also wise to work with other people in the same domain.

Custom cares is a leader of other charity organizations. In particular, this group of organizations supports underprivileged people, children needing help and people going through abuse. For Perry, success is not just having a well-doing company. It is also sharing what you have with those less advantaged (Crunchbase).

Perry Mandera and Community Care

Perry Mandera is a businessman who is part of the enormous transportation field. He’s been working in the sizable industry for more than three full decades. Mandera is also the man behind the creation of The Custom Companies, Inc ( This is a business that’s based in the community of Northlake in Illinois. People who are familiar with Mandera understand how busy he is with his career. They can also talk about all of his other efforts, however. Mandera gives his time and energy to the ISCC or Illinois State Crime Commission. The ISCC is a professional group that has made its gratitude toward Mandera crystal clear in the past. It gave him the prized Bishop Sheil Award back in 2010. It gave him the Citizen of the Year Award just one short year later, too. The ISCC describes a not-for-profit group that collaborates with the Police Athletic League. It works tirelessly on projects that minimize juvenile delinquency and crime in the region. It, at the same time, encourages strong and productive relationships between the public and police offers. The ISCC operates in and around Chicago. It specializes in in-depth training sessions that are geared toward nearby law enforcement entities. The ISCC has done a lot of work since coming into existence. It’s organized free conferences that delve into many interesting subjects. Violence caused by gangs is an example. The ISCC has put together useful tactical training courses that teach participants the ins and outs of event security controls, martial arts and even firearms.

Perry Mandera has been a trucking expert for years. He used to work as a United States Marines reservist. That’s when he started truck driving on a frequent basis. Mandera set up a transportation company independently when he was just 23 years in age. He made the decision to put it up for sale after five years. He established The Custom Companies, Inc. in the middle of the 1980s. Mandera is an individual who adores everything about philanthropy. He loves to aid the members of his precious community. He’s fond of all kinds of volunteer activities as well.