Securus Technologies-Restoring Peace in the Correctional Facilities.

A family is essential in our lives. It is one of the factors in our life that keeps us going. Whatever the case, we always have the back of our loved ones. This is why when one of our family members is caught on the wrong side of the law, families lose their fortunes trying to save them from going behind bars. No one wants their family members to be somewhere they cannot communicate regularly. Other members are afraid of their family members because of the dreadful things they have heard about jail life. Lucky for inmates and their families, Securus Technologies has erased all these fears.

The Securus Technologies has been in the lead of high tech provision since time immemorial. The company is highly innovative and has been able to maintain its position in the market. Securus Technologies provides his services for a million inmates and 2600 correctional facilities. It also protects the data for prominent businesses.

Securus Technologies has provided the correctional services with gadgets that allow the administration to monitor what is going on in the cells. This is to ensure that the inmates are safe from the aggressive inmates. It has also reduced massive killings. These massive killings were as a result of corrupted officers who cooperate with outsiders to kill the convicts. This is an effort to bury any trace of evidence. Families with members in jail say that this development has given them peace of mind. With this Securus Technologies, they are assured of the safety of their family members.

Inmates who have been in jail for a long time say that the bullying has reduced. They say that this has facilitated the transforming process. This is because they’re no longer frustrated. With the observations, even the officers observe their human rights, and they are treated with dignity.


MB2 Dental Is Making Dentists And Their Patients Smile

MB2 Dental Solutions is an all in one dental business management company that can transform an average practice and make it extraordinary. MB2 is able to handle all of the business processes and operations involved with a dental practice, which frees dental professional time, and allows them to focus on their patients rather than office management. MB2 Dental Solutions offers trained staff to take care of paperwork and coordination. They also provide office equipment and full tech support to help dental clinics run seamlessly. It really is a smart way for dentists to have a practice that runs efficiently and offers a high level of patient satisfaction.

You can expect to have all of the most up to date equipment in your clinic if you are a professional who decides to take advantage of the MB2 affiliate program. They even provide training and ongoing education in order to help dentist provide the best, most complete dental care for their patients. They can handle everything from accounting to taxes. All of the fine details are taken care of so dental professionals can rest easy knowing that their practice is running smoothly without unfortunate errors and mishaps.

The best thing about being an affiliate is that you have complete autonomy and can create the practice you have always envisioned without the business itself getting in the way of your dreams. Practices have all of the support and equipment they need to provide the best services possible. No more long wait times, mixed up paperwork, or confusion. MB2 Dental Solutions can give you everything you need to have a successful practice that is all your own. The company was built by dentists for dentists, so every part of the business plan is designed to give each location the best circumstances possible to create growth and stability. They even offer an associate dentist program that allows you to be matched and placed with an MB2 facility that will benefit from your skills and expertise. The MB2 dental clinic management program is the perfect solution for busy dentists who want to worry about the quality of care they offer their patients.

Drew Madden: Rise of an IT Guru

Healthcare IT entrepreneur Drew Madden shows great interest in diverse company culture and a firm believer of quality team building. In addition, he is known for building good rapport with others leading to productive partnerships with his clients. Madden is also known for launching the Medical IT company known as Evergreen Healthcare.

Having a degree in Industrial engineering from the University of Iowa, he worked in business development at Ingenix. Ingenix is under the OptumInsight, then called United Healthcare. Prior to that he worked at Center Corporation, where his colorful and successful career began. Madden later joined Nordic Consulting Partners, where he worked for six years. A year after he joined the company, he was made President of the company.

As he served at Nordic, he was famed for having increased the work force from just 10 people to over 700. His accountability and ability to mix freely with others aided in increasing their clients from 3 to 150. By the time he left Nordic Consulting, the annual revenue sky rocketed from 1,000,000 dollars to a whopping 150,000,000 US dollars. Later, he launched the Evergreen Healthcare Partners in 2017. As Managing Partner of the company, he believed that the company would implement HER platforms and also act as a consultant for the same services and more in the medical IT forte.

Drew madden draws his success from his strong passion for the work he does. Having done worked with the best in the industry, he went on to solve some of the industry’s toughest issues and challenges. Troubleshooting, implementation and optimization are some of the guiding steps towards solving most of the challenges he faced. His work did not go unrecognized for Nordic Consulting received awards for their tremendous work. Being recipients of many KLAS awards, they were applauded for its exceptional work in the industry both as consultants and as implementers.

White Shark Media Exceptional Services

One of the best online marketing companies that are recognized all over the world is White Shark Media. People are able to get access to the services which they want due to the brilliant platform that the organization created. Furthermore, the company has been able to associate with other companies in order to create innovative techniques that will enable the organization to be more successful. North America was able to acknowledge White Shark Media among the fastest developing marketing firm. In addition, the firm has selective arrangements that continuously excite their clients. The main founder and the CEO of the firm are Gary Gath he established the organization in the year 2011.

Mostly the main features that the firm offers are Ad management and AdWords. A lot of top organizations in the world have been able to use these features and have succeeded. The clients of the organization have increased these is due to the clients of the organization are satisfied with features hence they endorse other to try out the features. Foremost White Shark Media has been recognized because of the determination and hard work these led to them being awarded for their unique marketing services by Microsoft and also Google with AdWords Premier SMB Partnership. Due to the cost-effective stability which is regular free, it has enabled the organization to be prosperous.

The main benefactors of using Google analytics and call tracking are the clients who want to control their campaigns and opening old accounts so that they can open fresh campaigns. White Shark has been able to develop top organization through offering them marketing support such as Junk Removal, E-commerce Store, and Women’s Fashion Retailers. Lastly, the clients of the organization are always the first priority hence these enable them to feel safe and always come back for more services.

Lime Crime’s New Release Will Help Brunettes

For years, Doe Deere has made sure Lime Crime is catering to those who want to be different from the crowd. She eschews nudes and neutral tones. Instead, her brand likes to work with people who are bold and bright. She feels it is a big part of the industry so she does what she can to make things better for all the people who she works with. The brand likes bright colors and those who shop with the brand know they will be able to get the most from the bright colors they have to offer. There are many different things people can choose from. On top of it all, the brand is always cruelty-free. It is even vegan-friendly for those who want to wear fun makeup, but who don’t want to have to worry about compromising the morals they have based on the things they would typically use.

Out of all of this, Lime Crime has made headlines for the bright colors they have. While their makeup is all bright, Doe Deere wanted to do something that would be different for the people who were wanting something more. She knew it would be a great idea to make hair color. The dye can be used easily by anyone who wants to use it, but the colors only used to show up on blonde hair. This excluded a lot of people who were brunette which made things harder on them to get the best blue hair colors.

Now, though, Lime Crime is offering even more colors. Their new hair color line is just for people who are brunettes. The brand knows how important it is to cater to everyone, so this is just another step in that direction. The colors work best on dark hair instead of light. If people choose to use these colors they will have four different choices: pink, purple, green and blue. The brand is offering these to brunettes and it is the first time that hair color has been targeted specifically at people who have dark hair instead of people who have hair that is light.

Why Talkspace is One of The Greatest Apps

Talkspace is a mobile and online app that matches people up with a licensed therapist for 128 dollars per month. Individuals can communicate with therapists 24/7 through text message, voice or video calls. It is an excellent app for individuals who prefer calling or texting compared to face-to-face meetings. If you prefer writing more than speaking, you fall into the category of users of this app.

The app gives users the freedom to choose between varieties of therapists. If you are one person tired with face-to-face therapists, then this app might be great for you. If you feel like you would be triggered when discussing tough topics, then this app is perfect for you. Talkspace is different, efficient, and effective. It allows users to talk stuff that they cannot vocalize in a less nerve-wracking way.

Alicia winkle is one of the best therapists at Talkspace. Alicia is a Licensed Professional Counselor [LPC #3290] in Alabama. She has been at Talkspace for two years. She is passionate about therapy and has always wanted to be in the helping field.

She was initially studying nursing before dropping out of school for a semester due to anxiety issues then changed her major to psychology. It is from there that she decided to help people overcome their obstacles and make changes in life by seeing a therapist. According to her, her former boss linked her to Talkspace. The thought of offering therapy to people at home was intriguing to her.

If you are suffering from an issue like depression, Talkspace can help overcome. Depression stigma is real. A depressed person is seen as “lesser.” He or she is unable to lead a healthy life, hold a decent job, or maintain a relationship. People avoid depressed people since they do not want to catch the crazy. However, with Talkspace, you can talk with a therapist who will not judge you and overcome the issue.

Study On E-cigarettes Published In Oncotarget

There was a study conducted by the University of Rochester Medical Center. It revealed that e-cigarettes are as damaging as conventional cigarettes for gums as well as teeth. This was a study that was published in Oncotarget. The study was conducted by Irfan Rahman, who is a professor of Environmental Medicine. Currently, he is serving at the UR School of Medicine and Dentistry. This was the first study of its kind that addressed the detrimental effects of e-cigarettes on oral health. This was on cellular as well as molecular levels.

Oncotarget also maintained that electronic cigarettes are growing in popularity especially among the younger adults as well as current smokers. This is because they are perceived as an alternative that is much healthier to the conventional cigarettes. Earlier, the scientists were of the view that it was the chemicals in smoke from cigarettes that led to such adverse health effects. The scientific data, such as this study, is suggesting otherwise.

This study says that the burning vapors from e-cigarettes make the cells release proteins that are inflammatory. These tend to aggravate the stress in cells. It would lead to damage that results in several oral diseases. Rahman had published another study last year about the effects of e-cigarette vapors along with flavorings that damage lung cells. It also pointed to another study that was done earlier on the effects of pollution. It indicated that the amount and the way of smoking these e-cigarettes also plays a role in determining the amount of damage that will take place on the gums as well as oral cavity.

In this study, the human, gum tissue of a non-smoker was exposed to the e-cigarette vapors. It also showed that flavoring chemicals too played a crucial role in harming the mouth cells. Some flavorings damaged the cells more. The e-cigarettes have a battery, along with heating device too, as well as a cartridge that holds liquid. This liquid contains nicotine, besides flavorings, along with other chemicals. it is the battery that heats up this liquid. It releases vapors which tend to damage oral health.


David Mcdonald, OSI Group President

David Mcdonald was born and raised in the farmlands of Iowa. He graduated in 1987 from the Iowa State University in with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. Upon graduation, David Mcdonald started his passion and career in Chicago with the OSI industries which he rose through the ranks to be the CEO and president of the OSI industries.

Due to his passion for impacting Iowa State by utilizing the available resources, David Mcdonald is an active participant in the Agricultural Entrepreneurship initiative. Through OSI, he has positively impacted interns and supported various fundraised student learning centers in Iowa.

The OSI group being a leading company value-added protein products, David Mcdonald has played a big role in improving the sustainability of the OSI group. Under David Mcdonald’s watch, OSI is on a growth trajectory with eight factories in China. Whereas some are still underway, OSI is set to be one of the largest poultry producers globally. David Mcdonald has initiated significant improvements in poultry production in the market like the launch of DaOSI which was a joint venture with the Dooyoo group.

David Mcdonald has also initiated processing and production departments like beef processing in Poland under the OSI group. He has also facilitated frozen foods processing plant in India and a modern mill for feeds in China. With his adequate experience in consumer taste, quality and overall perfection of OSI products, the OSI group have penetrated markets in Hungary and Geneva.

Having instituted a global network globally, David has ensured that each regional center has fully understood the customized needs and taste for its consumers. This has played a significant role in improving and ensuring sustainability is achieved in respective markets. David Mcdonald is a firm believer in product development. He believes development should go hand in hand with production capacity to remain relevant to the consumers.

On 8th of August, 2016, the OSI group made its acquisition of the Baho food. Baho food dealt with convenience foods, snacks, and deli meat. Being a Dutch manufacturer, David Mcdonald said the deal allowed and gave OSI a better chance to make growth strides and do business in Europe. In a statement, Mcdonald noted that Baho foods current portfolio of brands and products goes hand in hand with the existing processing strengths of the OSI group. He also assured that the acquisition would broaden OSI’s capabilities to serve the evolving needs of its consumers.

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Migrants’ rights advocates organizations

There is more to immigration than just the migrants’ status, whether documented or undocumented. Immigrant communities living in the United States are a worried lot especially going by recent trends in the politics of the country. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The Trump administration seems to be rolling back the gains that had been made in previous administration. His administration seems ignorant of the basic principles of human rights that should guide every law or decree made. Trump is on record making orders that rea meant to curtail the freedom of people from accessing the United States.

First, there is was the issue of Mexico border. Trump administration wants to build a wall that will prevent Hispanics from accessing the U.S. Then there is the issue of a blanket decree to prevent people from some Muslims countries from entering the United States. Trump went ahead to the point of threatening deportation to any undocumented resident of the United States.

These two cases are a perfect example of a government that does not recognize the role of universal human rights. According to international law, human rights are universal and should not be curtailed by anyone. Freedom of movement is one of the basic rights that should be granted to everybody.

The good thing, however, has been the efforts of human, civil and migrants’ rights movements, who have joined hands to oppose these regulations. The groups have sought courts intervention to protect immigrant from being deported by the Trumps administration.

This current situation in the United States goes a long way in explaining the struggle through which the immigrant community in the United States has been going through. Immigrants into the U.S are often subjected to detention and torture in detention camps run by the government.

These detention camps usually deprive detainees’ right to access basic needs such as food, water, and clothing. It has taken the intervention of migrants’ rights groups to highlight the sorry state of these incarceration camps that the immigrants’ especially from the southern border are subjected to. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Some renowned human and migrant rights groups based in the United States include:

International Migrants Bill of Rights Initiative

This is an initiative taken to address the issue of immigration in the world today. This initiative’s goal is to create adequate laws that will protect immigrants from victimization based on their status. Migrants are entitled to fundamental human rights, and no one should deny them that chance. Human rights apply even to non-citizens.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are journalists from Arizona. This one of the states where the issues of violation of human rights belonging to immigrants have been too much. To address this issue, these journalists dedicated a settlement of $3.75 million they received from the state to support migrants’ rights initiatives.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin created The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

David Giertz Helping People With Retirement Planning Advice

David Giertz is a highly noted financial advisor in the United States and is known for his association with the Nationwide Financial for many years. With over three decades of experience as a financial advisor, David Giertz has a broad experience in the financial market, and he uses his expertise to provide accurate financial analysis and advice to his clients. At Nationwide Financial, he has served as the financial advisor as well as the President of its sales and distribution arm. The company offers a wide range of financial and investment products to the people.

When it comes to retirement planning, David Giertz sees people making a lot of mistakes these days. He says that one of the biggest mistakes is not taking retirement planning seriously and then panicking about it when it’s too late. David Giertz says that while starting early is the key to having sufficient funds for your retirement, he believes that it is also essential that people make the right choices with their investments. Making the right investments is critical to ensure that people can create wealth over a period.

David Giertz says that people should focus on the many retirement planning and pension funds that are available these days. It would allow the people to have consistent income even after retirement and ensure they can enjoy the financial security they are looking for. However, he adds that knowing the amount you would need upon retirement is the key to crafting an accurate retirement plan. As per the common standards, people generally should save around ten to twelve times their annual income for their retirement planning. It also depends upon their plans after retirement, their lifestyle, and the time of retirement.

Investing in the equity markets and equity-based funds is also an excellent way to add some diversity to your retirement planning. It would help in bringing up your savings considerably in the long-term and ensure that you have sufficient funds to realize your retirement dreams. So, do not take retirement planning lightly and work upon it to make your retirement as fun and worry-free as it should be.