Susan McGalla thinks that Executive Sponsorship can Address Women Leadership Issues

Though most of the global corporations are trying to improve their gender diversity significantly, the results are not very positive at the leadership levels. While the campaigns are working out well at junior and middle levels, the same is not taking women to the top posts of the companies. Though there is a significant change in the numbers in the recent years, still a vast majority of the leadership posts are occupied by men. For finding a solution to this, it is great to listen to a highly successful woman executive.

Susan McGalla is regarded as a greatly successful woman leader in the corporate world, especially in the highly competitive retail industry. She did not see herself different from her male counterparts and showcased her skills and talents to grow in the corporate world. Her life is a great example of how hard work and dedication can define success by leaving behind the obstacles in the path. McGalla thinks that many of the women-centric initiatives, including leadership initiatives, are not helpful in nurturing the career growth for women.

While such initiatives are helping women to connect each other, being updated with industry trends, and support, these are not a solution for growth needs. Susan McGalla suggests that executive sponsorship is an excellent choice for creating women leaders. In the process, women leaders can sponsor their junior women to grow in the organization by guiding them, giving critical assignments, working as their advocate, and more. Also, these women executives can claim incentives for grooming women in the organization. This would also encourage the male leadership to follow the same and create a new environment in every organization.

Susan McGalla has extensive experience in the retail sector as she worked with American Eagle Outfitters for almost 15 years. Though she started modestly in the organization, McGalla grew and became the President of the firm by the time she was leaving American Eagle in 2009.

She is also the founder of P3 Executive Consulting – a consulting firm targeting financial market customers. McGalla also collaborated with Pittsburgh Steelers as its Vice President with responsibilities including creative development of the team and business strategy.

ID Life Products for Health Conscious Consumers

Health conscious consumers are going to love the products that are available through ID life. This is a company that sells a wide range of products that can help consumers simplify the process of replenishing electrolytes.

There are tons of consumers that have a desire to lose weight and get in shape. So many people that make a decision to do this are often people that do not really work out regularly so they are unaware of what they may need. Lots of these people are losing their desire to work out because they may not have the right vitamins in place to replenish electrolytes. That is what ID Life brings to the table. This company has a wide assortment of products in the form of snack bars and energy drink mixes that can replenish electrolytes.

People that are putting their time into learning more about ID Life Products will discover that there are a wide range of products that can help when it comes to health and wellness.

The thing that people must realize with working out is that it is a process. No one can work out successfully without replenishing their body of nutrients and electrolytes once they are done. People that do not put forth the time to acquire things like pre and post-workout supplements will find themselves struggling to keep up their workout routine.

Fortunately, ID Life is a company that brings forth workout supplements in the form of powders that have amino acids and other vitamins and minerals that are designed to increase mental focus and help gym enthusiasts with physical conditioning.

It is definitely good for people to consider these type of products when it comes to working out on a regular basis. The great thing about these workout packs from ID life is the variety that is available. Some people acquire the berry bundles. Others will get the strawberry kiwi flavors.

There are also other products sold by ID Life like skin cleansers and skin night creams. This is perfect for all of those consumers that want to take care of their skin and reduce signs of aging. The skincare products, aligned with workout supplements, will help so many consumers build a better life for themselves. It is great for many people to see all the variety that is available through ID life. These products definitely enhance the workout process for consumers.

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Journey on the Paths to Business Success with Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is a dedicated American entrepreneur who co-founded Tempus with many other successful organizations he has well served. He started a business of selling carpets at the famous University of Michigan. After his higher studies in law, he joins forces with his college ally and raises money to start up their company. This happened in the late 90’s where he also came together with another friend of his and started up an internet-based business. He, later on, finds InnerWorkings responsible in offering procurement services to different companies. The company has grown over the years in a very positive manner. It was also so much paramount to the economy of U.S.

Later in 2005, Lefkofsky still with his friend comes up with Echo Global Logistics, a company which attracted more significant enterprises towards investing in it. The company continued growing. On the following year, the two friends brought to existence MediaBank. It was a media-buying company far much ahead regarding technology which provided software that could aid advertisement buyers in planning, accounting, buying and analysis in business. Generally, over all the years Eric has been co-founding organizations which later on different grown institution come and invest in them.

In 2010, it was recorded that one of his companies was the fastest growing firm at a very favorable rate. Deals worth millions of dollars are what Eric Lefkofsky has been coming across. This is a clear indication of how severe Eric is when it comes to matters to do with business. Tempus is a firm much ahead regarding technology that gives the physicians a chance to deliver proper medical attention to the cancer patients. Lefkofsky and his wife Elizabeth form Lefkofsky Foundation which offers generous help to the less fortunate children. Click here to kn0w more.

This foundation has been of miraculous help regarding funding to more than fifty firms. Eric has a membership position in different hospitals and many other organizations only for his full support. He has been teaching in business institutions around Chicago. He does this due to the much experience he has already earned on this platform.

David McDonald and OSI Group China Are Improving Restaurant Quality Food Products

David McDonald, CEO to OSI Group. The group opened first in Beijing back in 1992 when they first started serving food to the McDonalds and the OSI Group has since become a staple in the economy of China. In the 20 years that they have been in business, there has been changes to the economy where more people are spending their money on take out food.

During the 2008 Olympic games, OSI China had provided over 113 tons of products to be used during the Olympics. The products included beef, pork, eggs, chicken and dehydrated onions. There were no complaints filed and McDonalds in China was greatly appreciative for the products. Since this time period, OSI Group in China has begun servicing other high end clients like Starbucks, Papa John’s, Subway and Burger King.

David McDonald has been with the company for more than 30 years. It has been during this time that OSI Group has begun to grow. The goal for the business is to become the number one global food provider for the companies that are branded as being a leading company. The vision from when the business first opened until now has not changed. The push to continue improving has been thanks to the customers who help them to grow and expand.

David carries a strict belief that you must go above and beyond in order to meet the expectations of the customer they serve. There has been a number of times that they were faced with challenges that required creative solutions to please the customers. The company is not a publicly owned business and they remain a private entity. It is because they are privately owned that has allowed them to be more flexible within the solutions that are offered to the customers. For this reason, OSI Group is able to focus on the long term goal rather than focusing on the here and now.

Going on record to talk about the challenges presented by customers, David speaks about using their values to respond to the situation at hand brought on by customers of OSI Group. While working for the company, David has helped to bring new information to light for the customers who are failing and need a new idea to make the business successful once more. The OSI Group will work to find a way to make the business successful once more. The creativeness of the group is what helps to make them a success today.

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Adam Milstein: A Man of Faith, Family, and Philanthropy

A man who believes in giving back, and in philanthropy as a practice to enrich his day to day life, as well as his business, Adam Milstein, a native of Israel, came to the United States in 1981 after having served in the Yum Kippur war, and graduating from Techion. Currently the managing partner of Hagar Pacific Properties, Milstein also serves on multiple boards for varying organizations supporting the nation of Israel and the Jewish people. Co-founder and national chairman of the Israeli American council, its obvious Milstein is a man who cares about his own past, present, and future as well as that of his nation of origin, and his people’s. In a recent interview Adam opened up about just what made him a success in the first place, and how giving back has effected his life and work.

Consistency, follow-up, and persistence are what Milstein credits for his accomplishments in entrepreneurship. He says it is also imperative for emerging entrepreneurs to understand an issue for themselves instead of relying on secondhand information if their work is to make a lasting impact. Milstein notes these traits, as well as surrounding himself with others who are experienced a knowledgeable in business and marketing, as his secrets to success. He adds that understanding problems, and handling them creatively and professionally, can allow you to become ‘apart of the solution, rather than the problem.’ Milstein also speaks highly of philanthropy in business, saying it makes day to day work wholly more satisfying.

It is easy to see that Milstein believes in these concepts in action, as well as in words. Along with his wife Gila, Adam is the founder of the Sifriyat Pijama B’America organization, which is responsible for providing free Hebrew literature to over 15,000 Jewish families monthly. In addition, Gila and Adam also launched the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which is dedicated to aiding the nation of Israel, as well as the Jewish people. An accomplished author on Judaism and Israel, as well, Adam has seen publication in a variety of places. In summation, it is quite clear Milstein is a renowned businessman, who is at once supportive of his family, his causes, and his origins.

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One Login: Your Data Protection Company

One Login is a private company that was founded in 2009 by two brothers Christian and Thomas Pedersen. This company deals with protecting the data of their clients when they access applications and devices. One Login uses Identity and Access Management Systems which are safe and straightforward to use. Their products include Single Sign-On, Web Access Management, Mobile Identity Management, Cloud directory, Adaptive Authentication, Cloud RADIUS, User Provisioning, Desktop Authentication, Virtual LDAP, and Multi-Factor Authentication.

In this day and age, data is one of the most valued assets of any company or organization. This is thus the reason why the General Data Protection Regulation is so keen on agencies that are tasked with the protection of data. With this in mind One Login has made adopting legal frameworks and any regulations part of their core values. By so doing, they ensure that they are in good terms with the governing bodies and that their clientele are in safe hands where their data is concerned. One Login has also been on the forefront of adopting the ISO 27018.

Since they started their operations, One Login has had an exceptional structure dealing with privacy issues. As a prospective client or an already existing one, you will notice that One Login has detailed data flow diagrams that are enlightening and show processes. This will help you realize that everything has been contextualized and put into place for your security.

In all business ventures, there has to be a formal mode of communication, especially when writing up a contract. This had already been foreseen by one Login and hence highlighted the essential aspects. Terms such as the use of subcontractors and data breach notification language have been discussed for the betterment of both parties.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that data protection firms have a Data Protection Officer. One Login had already been in the process of employing one. They will involve someone from an external source who works in the EU.

With new regulations, the need for recent certification comes up. One Login has decided that they will go through a review in 2018 to assure their clientele that they are up to date with what GDPR requires.

Jose Auriemo Neto : The Man Behind The Success of Jhsf Company in Brazil

Jose Auriemo Neto is the current Executive Chairman of the JHSF. JHSF is the leading real estate company in Brazil that it is well known for innovations, new real estates solutions and it also provides investment opportunities for its clients. The company which was founded in 1972 started as a family-owned business. Today the company has distinct branches located in different parts of Brazil. JHSF works in the development and management of both residential and commercial properties. The company is known for the production of the leading luxury brands in Brazil this includes; the modernized fashion chain store in Sao Paulo the JHSF shopping Mall among others.

Jose Auriemo Neto the current CEO JHSF company. He is a graduate of the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University where he acquired the skills and knowledge that has seen his success in the running of the company to its impressive growth today. Under his leadership, the company has experienced high establishment becoming the leading real estate market in Brazil. At the foundation of the company Auriemo Neto worked closely with his father, he was able to obtain experiences in the real estate industry. Apart from the skills, he is also a great risk taker. This is evident when he joined the executive airport market which has seen the establishment of two such airports in Brazil.

Jose Auriemo Neto had played a significant role in the input of JHSF to where it is today. The company has experienced massive expansion in the real estate industry. Today the company is aiming at expanding its geographical portfolio and also entering the overseas market in New York, Miami among other places.

Crystal EOS lip balm review.

EOS lip balm has taken over the lip care industry. The company Evolution of Smooth- or for short, has created a product that re-invented the way to use lip balm. The creators of the product were looking for a way to make lip care products less boring, and more fun to use. Through this came the EOS lip balm- an egg-shaped pod that incases a spherical ball of lip balm. The colorful products have quickly become popular, claiming their spot in the purses of many women across the country. Many celebrities have even been spotted using EOS lip balm, such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. The product has been successful from the start, and now the company has even upgraded their product. The new Crystal EOS lip balm has skyrocket in sales. It has many new appealing features that have expanded the number of consumers using EOS lip balm.

The new crystal EOS lip balm is similar to the traditional product, available here at The shell is a little different, hindering more of a triangular look, however is more or less unchanged. The balm itself is where the changes have occurred. The new balm is clear and totally see through. The reason behind this is due to the removal of beeswax. The removal of the wax will not take away from the hydration strength of the product. It will however, rid that heavy feeling associated with traditional lip care products. The new crystal EOS lip balm is totally organic and vegan. It is also packed with ingredients such as jojoba and coconut oil, that add to the hydration power of the product. This product has taken over the industry and made using lip care fun. The colorful pods can be found in most major retailers for around five bucks a pop.

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Michel Terpins Journey in Brazilian Rally competitions

When Jack Terpins, a renowned basketball player, and the president of Maccabi Latin America Confederation and Latin America Jewish Council was raising his two sons, he never imagines that they would grow to become stars in the sporting world. Since they launched their career in a car rally in the early 2000s, Michel and his brother Rodrigo Terpins have grown to become utterly fearless, and utterly headstrong rally drivers.

Michel was born and brought up in a sport loving family. His father played basketball, and his brother is a passionate rally driver. Even though Michel is in his 40s, Michel has lost none of his nerves or the zeal to succeed.

Michel Terpins started differently than most of other rally drivers. He launched his career with the bikes, and the shifted to cars after participating and winning several motorsports competitions. Michel has always been passionate about cars. He loves speed and the thrill that comes with rally driving. To Michel, rallying is part of his life.

He has had a successful career in car racing since the early 2000s. Michel has been racing with his brother as the co-driver for many years. They are part of the Bull Serteos Rally that recently held one of the most challenging competitions. The Bull Serteos Rally Competition covered a total distance of 2600 km with the terrain traversing two States.

Participating in the Bull Serteos Rally requires a driver who is full of determination, commitment, and passion for the cars. Michel Terpins and his brother ride in the T1 prototypes. He teamed up with Fabricio Bianchini in the T1 prototype where they emerged in position three. They emerged in 8th position in the 22nd edition of the rally.

During the competition, Michel and his co-driver focused on familiarizing with the car that they were racing with and the terrain. They exercise caution throughout the competition, which enabled them to rank among the top. Michel was happy with the performance that they pulled out in the competition noting that they performed beyond his expectations. Bull Serteos 22nd edition was one of the biggest off-road competitions that Michel has participated in. The competition attracted a host of famous rally drivers, sponsors, and spectators.

The Duo Driven by Passion and the Strong Urge to Succeed

Don Ressler & Adam Goldenberg have studied the market trends as well as people’s needs and preferences. This has led them to change how people view technology as well as fashion. The two did not have any background knowledge about fashion. What led them to the fashion world is their burning desire to succeed as well as prior information about what the customers required. They, thus, formed the Techstyle Fashion Group membership based clothing and beauty companies.

It is worth noting that Adam Goldenberg dived into the vast world of business when he was 15 years old. His first company was known as Gamers Alliance, an advertisement company solely meant for the gaming websites. In the year 1999, the company was purchased by Intermix Media. This saw Adam Goldenberg drop out of school so as to assume the position of a vice president in the strategic planning department at Intermix. He became the chief operating officer in the same company when he was only 20 years.

Don Ressler’s journey towards joining Intermix was similar to Goldenberg’s. Intermix purchased his website in the year 2011. By that time, Don had been able to amass a lot of money from numerous online companies. This factor encouraged him to venture into the fashion world.

Don and Goldenberg became very good friends on the virtue that they were working together at Intermix. These two great men united to form Intelligent Beauty, which is an e-commerce, and subsequently other successful brands. This makes them think about a dynamic way of shopping online. The duo had ascertained that trendy and comfortable clothing was highly sought after by many people and that many customers found it hard acquiring personalized fashion.

Techstyle’s pioneer company was JustFab. JustFab provides customized athletic clothing as well as accessories on a monthly basis. In the year 2016, JustFab was rebranded to become Techstyle. The tech friendly name was coined from the fact that the two had a vast history in the field of digital commerce. Techstyle’s headquarters resembles the colorful, trendy and modern spaces found in numerous start-ups in Silicon Valley. The duo is greatly committed towards social responsibility. This aspect gives the company an upper hand. The company is committed towards giving back to the society. It takes part in many charity events. The future is bright for the two entrepreneurs and their potential to succeed is very high.