Meet Jason Hope: He’s a philanthropist, serial entrepreneur, and marketing expert who wants to help cure some of the biggest chronic diseases and stop human aging

Jason Hope may not be a name brought up when discussing the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies or first-movers in the areas of artificial intelligence or virtual reality, but he is someone who believes in the present and future technology having a revolutionary effect on medicine and its future applications.

Hope earned an undergraduate degree in Finance from Arizona State University. In addition to his bachelor’s degree, Hope also acquired his MBA by attending Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason Hope has gained quite a bit of wealth with his Internet-based companies that he founded after graduating from business school.

As a self-professed marketing expert, Hope also considers himself a forward-thinking person, and a philanthropist who enjoys funding things that he has a passion for and believes firmly in like medical research. Hope likes to contribute to the anti-aging projects going on in the U.S. that concern cell regenerative projects. Jason Hope wants to help find a cure for chronic diseases like diabetes and especially Alzheimer’s disease. He even wants to end human aging or reverse the aging process entirely.

From a humanitarian standpoint, Hope spends a lot of his time and energy making charitable contributions to important causes and organizations. One of the individuals that Jason Hope believes in and provides financial support to his cause, also predicts that children born today may live to 1,000 years old based on research. And that individual’s name is Dr. Aubrey De Grey.

Besides providing grant money to young entrepreneurs, Jason Hope’s has supported Dr. Aubrey De Grey and his philanthropic ventures at the non-profit organization he helped co-found called Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescience Research Foundation (SNES). SNES is a non-profit that involves regenerative medicine and cutting-edge research. SENS was founded in 2009 by Aubrey de Grey, Sarah Marr, Michael Kope, Jeff Hall, and Kevin Perrott. In December 2010, Jason Hope gave 500 thousand dollars to Dr. Aubrey de Grey’s SNES. Because of Hope’s significant financial gift, this non-profit organization was able to move into new research milieus and hatch a laboratory at Cambridge University for medical research.

SENS promotes a revolutionary concept they conceived called the “SENS approach.” This approach concerns a method where repairing the living cells of a human body will ultimately prevent the effects of aging. SENS targets the cause of disease by fixating their research on the cell level or the mitochondrial DNA.

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Lime Crime Caters to a Crowd of Consumers that Have Embraced the Internet

Lime Crime is growing, and consumers are starting to talk about this brand much more. It has become the brand of makeup that has made it easy for consumers to find the bright colors that stand out. This is what Doe Deere had in mind when she created this company. It appears to be the thing that has made her something of a phenomenon with young consumers.

People that may have never even considered the possibility of a brand that was not sold in stores are now gravitating towards this website to patronize The Lime Crime brand.

This says a lot for Doe Deere and the company that she created. In the early stages of her career she was told that this was not something that would be possible to do. It was something of a risk for her to establish Lime Crime because there was no proof that an internet cosmetics company would appeal to consumers.

Fortunately, Doe Deere has been someone that always broke beyond the rules of the game. She never wanted to stay confined into one area. She wanted to do what would work best for her regardless of what others may have thought about her cosmetics company. Lime Crime has been able to succeed with a generation of consumers that are largely engaged in

buying things from the Internet. That is one of the reasons why Lime Crime has been so successful. It has managed to cater to a generation that gets all of their advertising feed to them through the Internet. That makes it rather easy for Doe Deere to put her focus on a whole new generation of customers that are interested in getting products that are out of ordinary.

Lime Crime is thoroughly run Doe Deere. She has a big connection to the chemists that have a hand in the products that are produced. This means that the Lime Crime brand is highly connected to the vision that Doe Deere has created from start to finish. This is why so many people are fans of all the work that she puts into Lime Crime.

Jeff Schneider | Athlete and Boss

We all have different roles that we play: sibling, manager, gardener, neighbor etc. For many of us, caretaker is one of them. Jeff Schneider, a dad to three kids and three dogs, is devoted to taking care of others. In addition to being a dad, Jeffry Schneider is a CEO, super athletic, and a philanthropist. As an athletic and informed business executive, Jeff Schneider cares about the overall health and wellbeing of his employees, so naturally he is passionate about integrating these programs at his office.

According to, neuroscientists have proven through experiments that relaxation directly contributes to office workflow. Yes, relaxation is crucial for a team member to be able to finish work and function at a high level. They further found that relaxation enables employees to work at peak efficiency with an improved capacity for social interaction, maintaining a positive attitude, remaining motivated, and channeling creativity. Celebrated personal fitness coach and wellness guru, Greg Anderson, vehemently asserts that, “The concept of total wellness recognizes that our every thought, word, and behavior affects our greater health and well-being. And we, in turn, are affected not only emotionally but also physically and spiritually.” Likewise, Buddha taught his followers, “To keep the body in good health is a duty otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” Jeff Schneider simply could not agree more.

In addition to being a dad and an athlete, Jeffry Schneider is constantly on the hunt for unconventional ways to actively contribute to community improvement. Laudably, he uses his free time to read to kids in schools, actively fundraise for nonprofit organizations, and participate in charity runs. Jeffry Schneider ardently champions the value of volunteering in the community and the world. He’s happy he’s healthy enough to spend time with his family, keep in shape, and give back to society.

Upwork: Enhance Your Personal Productivity with Task Lists

The ability to effectively use a to-do list can greatly enhance the level of productivity that you experience on a day-to-day basis. At first, it can seem like a mystery, how can you more effectively manage the tasks that you have put on your to-do lists. There are some skills and techniques that will greatly assist you in this endeavor.

Upwork, a platform that allows freelancers to connect with businesses around the world, has recently published an article regarding the effective and efficient use of to-do lists. The skills and techniques that they discuss may seem simple. However, the common sense ideas are full of wisdom and will create great results if properly implemented.

Upwork was created after the rebranding of Elance in 2015. Today they operate one of the world’s largest freelance platforms in addition to their own blog. In a recent post on their blog, they discussed several skills you can use to enhance the results you get from using a to-do list.

Many of the skills that are discussed are common sense ideas. These include organizing your tasks that you have put on your list by order of importance. If you organize your tasks in this manner, you will be able to complete the most important and necessary items first. If you complete your tasks in this way, it will relieve a great amount of stress from you. Most individuals operate more effectively whenever they are not under too much stress. This will allow you to complete the other items on your list in a more timely manner.

One of the less commonly known ideas is a process that is referred to in the business industry as batching. This is simply the skill of grouping tasks that are of a similar nature together to be completed sequentially. For example, say you have several phone calls that you must make. Often times you will find that you can get through these phone calls at a much more rapid pace if you do them one after the other. This can be applied to tasks of another nature with similar levels of results.


Vijay Eswaran Helping QI Group Achieve Unprecedented Success

Vijay Eswaran is a man that is globally recognized today for his entrepreneurial journey and spirit. Coming from a very humble background, Vijay has gone on to become one of the wealthiest persons in Malaysia today. As the founder and CEO of QI Group, which is an e-commerce based conglomerate, Vijay Eswaran has achieved a lot during his lifetime. Vijay Eswaran’s father used to work for the Malaysian Ministry of Labour, and thus, used to travel around the country from time to time. It meant that his family also spent a nomadic life, and therefore, Vijay Eswaran used to change schools pretty frequently during his childhood.

Vijay Eswaran came in contact with the multi-level marketing after completing his MBA from Southern Illinois University in the United States, when he started working for a company named Synaptics. Vijay Eswaran has not only gained popularity in the world of business, but also intellect through the books he has written in the past few years. Some of the books written by Vijay Eswaran are Two Minutes from the Abyss, Sphere of Silence, On the Wings of Thought, 18 Stepping Stones, and more. Vijay Eswaran believes that leadership skills are essential for the person to achieve success in business. It is what would help the person to extract the most from the employees and run an organization efficiently.

Vijay Eswaran set up QI Group which has helped him become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world with the net worth of over $750 million. QI Group is involved in a variety of businesses, including luxury products, real estate, telecommunications, retail, internet marketing, MLM, and more. The company helps its members earn through the process of direct selling. The network of QI Group is spread through in ten countries, and it continues to expand exponentially in the past few years. As a distinguished business leader, visionary, and author, Vijay Eswaran feels that it is necessary for people to take responsibility of their action when running a business, and have a vision for future that they should focus on. Going after anything with determination leads to success, and it is what Vijay helps his members get infused with. Find out more about Vijay Eswaran:

Jordan Lindsey: Implementing Innovative Measures To Improve Forex Trading

Forex trading is increasingly becoming the go-to way for common people to viable trade and invests their money. With the internet and other virtual mediums, the ability to reach global markets has boosted the growth of the Forex Trading industry. With this exponential development, investors and financialists have tried to capitalize on the trends in the market through a number of programs. One person who capitalized well on this Forex growth was Jordan Lindsey, who stands as the founder of a company known as JCL Capital.

Jordan Lindsey has always had an eye for profitable ventures and ways in which he could invest his money. The financial field was something that truly caught his interest, which is why he decided to pursue something in it. While working in the financial field. Something that started to peak his interest more was technology. He decided to teach himself how to code and then merged the two passions to create an idea that could help his company. These two skill sets have enabled Jordan Lindsey to take on several profitable ventures and work with a range of industries and companies. He has helped blossom several companies of his own, which all started out because of his passion.

The most recent idea that Jordan Lindsey was a combination of a coding algorithm that would allow trades in Forex markets all over the world. Through this software, a person would be allowed to trade internationally, no matter where they live.This idea proved to be incredibly useful to many and grew to become an incredible implementation for the Forex trading industry.

Cryptocurrency is also something that has repeatedly been gaining a lot of attention, which is why Jordan Lindsey decided that he would too divulge into this specialized market. He decided that he would create own cryptocurrency using his algorithms. In addition to creating this currency, Jordan Lindsey wanted to be able to create a platform that would facilitate this kind of trading.

Currently, this project is under development and is set to launch over the next few months of 2018.

O2pur offers Convenience and the best products when shopping for eCigs

Many people today are leaving the traditional cigarette market, and moving to a cleaner and more enjoyable experience “eCigs”. The eCig market is not new, but the excitement and innovation for the industry continues to grow. Having so many products and new technology entering the market each month, it can be hard to know what to buy and where to get a good deal.

O2pur has you covered in both areas. Offering the newest products available on the market, at some of the lowest prices you will find . Beyond the awesome products and great prices, O2pur offers excellent customer support, very fast shipping, and helpful information.

Three things many eCig users look for when shopping are, flavor, convenience, and cost. O2pur offers all the hottest flavors, people are looking for today. Some of their choices include: Berry Cheesecake, Island Breeze, Butter Pecan, Caramel Apple, Strawberry Toffee, Strawberry Cream, Tobacco, and Menthol. Not only do you have many great flavors to choose from, you also have two types of E juice to choose from.

O2pur offers a traditional 70/30 blended mix, 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. They also offer E-liquid infused with Nicotine Salts, which are faster acting, better tasting, and have a cleaner feeling than the traditional E-liquids. The 70vg/30pg blend comes in eight great flavors, and the Nicotine Salts version comes in three different flavors.

Shopping is very convenient, each time you visit the store you will find new special offers and packaged deals. You will find special deals across all the products they have to offer, from E-liquids, vaporizers, and pens, to wall chargers, batteries, and coils. Those that are in the market for a box mod, vape pen, E-liquids, or accessories will easily find what they are looking for at a great price.

The Chainsmokers, Musical Faculties

The Chainsmokers consist of Alex Pall who grew up in New York City and it is also where he would work hard in his strong area of the disc jockey. He did what he loved and even though it felt terrifying to go and take that much risk as an entrepreneur in the field of music he did it anyway, and along the lines he also crossed paths with Andrew Taggart which was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and career for the both of them. Original and creative ideas poured out of both of them which is the inventive process that led to the wide plethora of their musical endeavors towards Sick Boy. Thanks to their musical middle men they had the time and the leverage to work through a thoughtful and obvious topic that few other artists touched upon which was the sickness of the social networking community thru the information highway. They felt in themselves as they always do when practicing and performing their creative endeavors that the social internet community was way out of line with the very social fabric that healthy human interaction is made for. While in songs that they made comprised of details disclosing the meaningful attributes associated with human intimacy like the song Closer, Sick Boy entails the description of a sort of corruption that spread rampant in the online social world that made people sick in a way when things like Facebook likes became more necessary than they were made out to be for it’s original purposes. The anger and dislike emerging from the song when talking about this mental disease made the song itself stand out from the rest of their art because of it’s break in pattern becoming audible in the events that followed the release of their album. They do a lot to their music that makes it as good as it is. While the other musicians get comfortable and refuse to push their musical limits which enevitably cause them to be regarded as an older band that is past their due date, the Chainsmokers work and focus on creating and constantly coming up with new material months and even years before the public catches any wind of their release times which always keeps them ahead of the curve.

David Giertz and The Nifty Tips that Millennials Can Use To Save For Retirement

We are in a generation of spenders, sellers and marketing tricks that try to rip us off. The greatest victims of such trends these days is the millennial generation. It is them that get to face all the invites of purchases. It is them who are lured by the new gadgets, trips, travels and restaurants that are just dying to separate them from their money. Fortunately, there are people like David Giertz, a finance expert, who can shell out some nifty tips for millennials to save up for their retirement.

The Millennials Are Not Ready

It is accurate to say here that no millennial is ready for their retirement. They still have so many backlogs regarding their finances, school obligations, fees and car payments, that to hope for them to save for retirement is an overnight trip to the moon. However, according to David GIertz, there are many ways that one can still save up. One of those good ways is to make sure that the 401k retirement is intact, and there is always a fund and budget set for social security. It is also helpful to go for the incentives that the government has set for millennials to encourage them to save.

There are schemes from the finance groups in the government that help companies assist the millennial workforce to address their retirement finances. Make sure you take advantage of that. It is also important for the millennials to make sure that their IRA contributions are in sync with their adjustable gross income. They should be compliant. Otherwise; they could fall into a trap and fall back on their retirement savings.

It is also important for these millennials to make sure that their health savings accounts are growing and funded. For singles, there’s a little or a bit lesser contribution needed than couples, but it is nevertheless requiring a lot of thinking and planning to make sure that the retirement plan goes in sync. Millenials should also make sure that they don’t overcontribute. There are limits to what they can fund for every financing plan, and noting each of them should be a priority. Find out more about David Giertz:

Sheldon Lavin, the Friendly Face Behind OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the current CEO of OSI Group, a food processing organization that focuses largely on meat and fish. Since joining as a partner of the group in 1975, Lavin has expanded the company into many continents and developed a company culture that could be better described as a global family. He has held the position of CEO since the 1980s, and since he joined the company, it has expanded, becoming a massive worldwide food supplier with 80 facilities in 17 countries, totaling 20,000 employees. Sheldon Lavin views both further expansion of the group and maintenance of the family-like work culture to be key to the success of OSI Group.

Lavin attended the University of Illinois and Northwest University, majoring in accounting and finance. He then attended Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business. Prior to his position at OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin was the head of a financial consulting firm, Sheldon Lavin and Associates, Inc, and in 1970 he joined Otto & Sons, the firm that would later become OSI Industries, LLC. Since Sheldon Lavin became CEO of OSI Group, the organization has received many awards, such as the 2016 Globe of Honor, awarded to the UK branch of OSI Group by the British Safety Council, and being named the leading firm by Forbes. Additionally, the Global Visionary Award was given to Sheldon Lavin specifically by India’s Vision World Academy.

Lavin is also a philanthropist, as is shown by his involvement in the Jewish United Fund, the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago, the Inner City Foundation of Chicago, the United Negra College Fund, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. He is also the President and Director of the Sheba Foundation, an Israel-based nonprofit organization that supports the Ethiopian community in Israel, and a director of Northeast Bank, the holding company affiliated with Northeast Bank in Maine.

In terms of company culture, Sheldon Lavin encourages friendliness between the employees and the higher-ups of the company. One such example would be encouraging his employees to call him by his first name, or even the nickname “Shelly”. He emphasizes to his employees that his office is always open and that he cares about their family as well as them. Lunches together are common at the corporate office, and so is using first names. Sheldon Lavin believes that the unique culture of OSI Group is key to its evolution.

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