Troy mcQuagge, the chief executive officer of US HEALTH Group, Inc was named the chief executive officer of the year and the Gold Winner in the prestigious one planet Awards. The craved One Planet Awards is a premier global award recognizing individuals who excel in business and other professionals from every industry around the world. Nominations are received from both public and private and even organizations be it profit or non-profit whether small or large to even start-ups.


Immediately after joining USHEALTH in 2010, Mr. Troy’s priority was to turn around the company’s fortunes. He focused on the rebuilding of its captive distribution agency, the USHEALTH Advisors. He successfully retooled the Advisors which prompted his election as president and CEO of US HEALTH Group, Inc in the year 2014.during his reign, USHEALTH Group had tremendous growth, success and raked in lots of profits in the aggressive individual health insurance market.


While receiving the award,Mr. McQuaagge said he was honored to be granted by the One Planet Awards. He further said the award belonged to the entire people at the USHEALTH Group, Inc. The award proved that the company was committed to providing affordable healthcare to customers.


USHEALTH Group, Inc. is a company that offers health insurance based in Ft. Worth, Texas. It provides health cover mainly to self-employed people and owners of small businesses. The main agenda of USHEALTH is to utilize the talents of its employees in marketing the insurance at a profit while at the same time offering world class customer service in their operations.


Troy A. McQuagge is the president, CEO, and a member of the Board of Directors of USHEALTH Group, joined the group in July of 2010 as the President and Chief Executive Officer. He served in that capacity until he was promoted to November 2013 Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.


  1. McQuagge began his career in 1983 at the Allstate Insurance Company.He later in 1995, joined the Student Insurance Division of Insurance Companies Inc.(UICI)in 1997, he was named the president of UGA. The (UGA) under his steadfast leadership, set many records. In 2006, UICI was bought by private investors who changed the name to HealthMarkets.Mr. McQuagge was given the role of leading the sales and marketing with the company.

The OSI Foods Group

The OSI group is a group that is determined to create quality products and add quality into the foods market. They recently purchased the Tyson Food Plant, another company created to create quality food products and generally make eating and family meals more convenient and easier to the American people.

Back on topic, the OSI group paid $7.4 million dollars to purchase Tyson Food plant. Not to fear, nearly all of the jobs lost after Tyson sold their plant, OSI gave nearly all of the Tyson workers jobs at the new OSI Group plant. Showing, once again, OSI genuinely cares about those not just in the corporate office, but in the general workforce.


Also, OSI purchases Baho Foods, a company providing quality food to over 18 European countries. Their purchase of Baho foods includes the following subsidiaries, Gelderland Frischwaren, Vital Convenience, Henri van de Bilt, Bakx Foods and Q Smart Life. In conclusion, OSI is only helping revive and revitalized the foods industry, creating more jobs and in turn, making the world a better place.

Thor Halversson heps send Sylvester Stallone movies into North Korea

Fox News did not manage to get what they expected from Thor Halversson. The head of the Human Rights Foundation did not give the network the anti-socialism, anti-Bernie Sanders rant that producers expected. Instead, the interview focused on how easily unscrupulous leaders could use socialism to gain power. If the leader is not committed to the ideals of socialism, his regime can easily become despotic and take away the rights of the people.

Halversson remains involved in other efforts to roll back tyrannical regimes around the world. One of his efforts involves helping a defector launch Western videos and films into North Korea using air balloons. The goal of these balloon airlifts is to introduce the inhabitants of the country to the outside world.

Kim Jong-un and his father Kim Jong-Il maintained a tight grip on the country’s press and media. North Korean propaganda regularly touts the evil of western societies and the evils of the capitalist Americans. The balloon flights were started because the defector wanted his former fellow countrymen to know about the outside world. News programs and entertainment DVDs, along with occasional other supplies are sent across the border. Thor at Facebook .

Although certain items in the balloon flights are popular, picking these items up is not without risk. Anyone caught picking them up could be executed for treason. Even with this risk, DVDs featuring American action movies are especially popular. Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger continue to enjoy popularity in the communist country, even though their careers have long been in decline in the United States. for more .

Hotel Business

The hotel industry is booming right now. A lot of people love to travel, and this is offering a great way for people to go around the world and stay in nice places. There are some really high end hotels that are getting a lot of attention. As economies around the world continue to grow, a lot of people are excited about some of the changes that are going to start taking place. Chris Burch is an expert on the industry and recently wrote an article about one of the best hotels in the world. Looking at this hotel, you can see why so many people are excited about the changes that are going to start taking place in this area. Not only that, but he is excited about all of the changes that are going on in the industry as a whole.


Growth Industry


Many people in the hotel industry are excited about some of the changes that are taking place. Not only is there a rising demand for services, but more people than ever before are starting to see the benefits of investing within this area. There are a lot of business developers who are driving up the production of new hotels because they strongly believe in what is going on around the world. If you are ready to start dipping your toes in this area of the economy, you need to do your research first. As Chris Burch wrote about, the initial costs on operating a nice hotel are staggering. You are going to have to have your capital allocation strategy in line before you start to buy or build a property.


Final Thoughts


Over time, Chris Burch has written a number of articles on the hotel industry and the economy in general. He is seeing a lot of growth within this field, and he is excited about some of the changes that are starting to take place as well. Not only are more people than ever before interested in investing in this area, but there is rising consumer demand as well. The luxury hotels are starting to get the credit they deserve, especially the one that he wrote about in his article. Over the next couple of years, a lot of people believe that the hotel industry is going to continue to grow and develop to be one of the most important in the overall economy today.


EOS Lip Balm And Their Growing Marketshare

EOS lip balm has been gaining a marketshare around the world that covers much of the lip balm industry. They are selling beautiful products that have nice flavors, and they are reaching customers that would not have used lip balm in the past. This article explains how the company will help customers make their lips soft, and they will notice there is a simpler way to have a healthy mouth.

#1: The Balm Has Lovely Flavors

There are many lovely flavors from the EOS lip balm line that customers may choose, and each one changes given the season. The company has created seasonal flavors that are quite a lot of fun, and they have a standard line of flavors that anyone may use at any time, check this on There are quite a few people who will chose their favorite flavor, and many more will use their favorite flavor every day

#2: The Balm Lasts A Long Time

The long-lasting quality of the balm is quite important as it will help everyone who is in need of softer lips. There are many people who will use their lip balm every day because their lips are dry, and there are many more who will use the balm as needed because they play an instrument or sing.

#3: The Balm Is Everywhere

There are quite a few outlets that are selling the balm every day, and they are providing a new experience for customers who have never tried it before. The shopper who is looking for a better lip balm may slide it into their pocket, and they will notice how simple it is to open and slide on.  Head over to for more info.

Lip balm from EOS is one of the best new products on the market. It will offer a flavor experience unlike any other lip care product out there.

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Up, Close and Personal with Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Dr. Avi Weisfogel, the creator and owner of Dental Sleep Masters, is one of the most sought after dental practitioners in the United States. He has significantly assisted dentists in the treatment of sleep apnea and consequently helping patients to get the right diagnosis for sleep-related diseases. The New Jersey-based dental expert sat down for an interview with Ideamensch in December last year where he discussed his life in details.


The Ideamensch Interview


Weisfogel revealed that the idea for establishing Dental Sleep Masters was born out of his passion for the sleep medicine. This passion combined with his 15 years’ experience in the dental world and his ability to analyze and visualize ideas have since helped the organization to grow exponentially. Besides that, Weisfogel takes it as his responsibility to help clients to access his services in the most convenient way, a duty he fulfills comfortably by conducting regional marketing.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel had lots of business advice that he shared with the readers. He advised them to be discussing the same business idea with different people since that helps an entrepreneur to learn new business techniques. Weisfogel had two businesses ideas to share:


  1. He encouraged upcoming entrepreneurs to design a dental mirror with a wiping system that would help dentists to go on with their operations without having to keep wiping the mirror.



  1. He challenged upcoming entrepreneurs to come up with an app that would consequently help companies to organize their website easily. He recommended a book called The Power of Now to the readers, saying that the book helps him to understand human beings better.


Dr. Weisfogel revealed that he is a great admirer of Steve Jobs whose ingenuity and attention to detail greatly influenced his thinking. Weisfogel is a prayerful person who spends most of his morning hours in office praying. He believes that working as a dentist stands as his worst ever job.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel


Dr. Avi Weisfogel heads daily operational initiatives of DSM. He holds a BA degree in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University and a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from the New York University College of Dentistry.

Weisfogel’s career kicked off when he founded Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999. He has since established organizations aimed at addressing the sleep disorders.


Wengie Returns to Save the Day

Beauty, style and grace are perfect ways to describe Wengie. Myriads of women would fight to have Wengie’s top model looks, sadly, quite a number of those Wengie wannabes are lost when it comes to makeup. Over contouring, shading in the wrong places, plucking the eyebrows back too far, lipstick that smears as well as fades, it’s overwhelming for novices. Seeking online tutorials about the perfect smoky eye, most tend to finish looking identical to pandas. Delving into books about the perfect way to slim the face using a concealer with blush, some begin to appear as if they’ve gotten an unlucky spray tan.


Wonderful Wengie has a cure for all those who have makeup woes. Making life a bit easier for those who wish to find the perfect way to enhance their features without appearing unnatural, Wengie has a list of hacks she has personally tried that she passes on to her viewers.


Simplistic tips that seem shameful for one to have never thought of it before, such as using a pill organizer to keep your false eyelashes. Gently placing one in the day slot, one in the evening, assures that your lashes will not end up missing, will not become stuck together, plus will keep their shape without damage.


Painless pluck free eyebrow shaping has caused mishaps in the makeup world, from so much shading that a uni-brow starts to form, to missing the proper arch. Mathematics made simple, Wengie shows everyone how to use a simple triangular ruler to perfectly shape your brows giving them that model quality.


Waste not, want not is Wengie’s motto with another life hack that every nail polish lover will dance about. Eye shadows come in colors of every shade, so the makeup lover tends to buy them in bulk, ending up with so much, they’ll never apply each one. Sadly, those lonely shades will sit there waiting for their turn to be loved. Cry not, lovely colors. Wengie has come to your rescue by re-purposing those unique hues in a way no one saw coming, turning wasted eye shadows into fantastic polishes for your nails.


Desiring uncomplicated ways to acquire Wengie’s perfect look? See the video linked below for more hacks no one can live without, and become a member of Wengie’s world.


Two New Companies Added To The Goettl Stable

The continued expansion of the Goettl Air Conditioning brand has recently continued with owner Ken Goodrich adding Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air to the ever growing stable of companies providing services under the Goettl umbrella. These two companies specialize in providing HVAC services and will add another 20 employees to the number employed by Goettl and will see the skills offered expand with plumbing services now being made available to the existing customers of these two well respected Las Vegas companies.

Goettl Air Conditioning has recently been named the top Arizona HVAC and plumbing provider by Foothills Magazine as a sign of the stunning turnaround in fortunes the company has undergone under the leadership of Ken Goodrich. Las Vegas has always been seen as one of the spiritual homes of the brand that will now be able to offer its services to a range of new customers in both the residential and commercial sectors; the addition of Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air brings existing customers from the rental homes market and commercial sector to Goettl.

Ken Goodrich took control of the Goettl brand in 2015, but his personal history with the brand goes back to his childhood when his own father taught him about HVAC systems using a Goettl brand unit. Goodirch has made Goettl an important part if the Las Vegas, Nevada, and Arizona communities with a range of philanthropic programs established to provide better access to HVAC education in operational areas.

Established in 1939 by the Goettl brothers the brand was at the fore in the early and mid 20th century in the development of evaporative coolers and many other HVAC developments. In the present day the company is now focused on installation, servicing, and repair of HVAC products in a bid to make sure the difficult climate of the southwest is comfortable for all clients.


Jericho Network Introduces Newest Podcast “The Raven Effect” on PodcastOne

In a recent announcement, Norman Pattiz, the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, America’s largest podcast supported advertiser, and PodcastOne host and WWE star, Chris Jericho announced a new weekly podcast in the network. The infamous Raven Effect is brought to the network by another famous WWE superstar, Scott “Raven” Levy.

Characters and Features of the New Podcast

The new podcast which will be featured in Chris Jericho network entails discussion on current events, pet peeves, politics, pop culture, and conspiracy among many other topics that Raven can come up with. Different episodes by world’s number one self-proclaimed idiot, Raven will feature know-it-alls, friends, enemies and those who know nothing at all to add humor to the topics of discussion. The podcast will be running for an hour and is available on PodcastOne iTunes, app, and

Mastery Topics on the Jericho Network

The Jericho network was introduced to PodcastOne on 2016 with the introduction of the Beyond Darkness podcast. PodcastOne Executive Chairman, Norman Pattiz feels that Chris has brilliantly married wrestling content with other topics such as sports and music. Relating to the success of the Beyond Darkness, a podcast that focuses on paranormal, Norman hopes that the Raven Effect will be another hit for The Jericho Network on PodcastOne.

Chris praised Raven as being intelligent, funny, ridiculous, sarcastic, and funny noting that they have known each other for over a decade. He expressed his excitement about the new podcast and promised viewers that this was just the beginning as the network will continue introducing more entertaining shows.

The Jericho Network

Since its inception on July 2016, the Jericho Network has not let its followers down. They regularly introduce new podcast series including Keeping it 100 with Konan, Awesome Team Tiger which is pop-culture based and Killing the Town with Storm & Cyrus. The networks also continue to air the paranormal based podcast, Beyond Darkness.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is a broadcasting entrepreneur known for his Westwood One radio network. Under the leadership of Norman, the radio network became Americas leading sports, entertainment, news, and talk and traffic broadcaster. The radio network expanded and was made responsible for managing and distributing NBC radio networks, CNN Radio, CBS News, NFL Football, March Madness, Winter and Summer Olympic Games, Super Bowl, and NCAA Basketball.

Personal Life

Norman Pattiz works in LA’s County Sherriff Department as a reverse deputy and also a member of Homeland Security Advisory Council. Pattiz and his wife Mary Tuner, a former radio personality, lives in Beverly Hills.

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Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina Educates More Than 1.1 Million People about Video Marketing on MarTech.

Since the 1990’s, enterprises have quickly adapted integration of emerging high-tech solutions such as marketing and merchandising. Live chats, and online mobile applications are the new power marketing moves by world-class companies. Talk Fusion has developed an award winning All-In-One Video app that is available for use in more than 140 nations. Talk Fusion helps businesses build relationships with customers, increase sales and enhance the performance among competitors. The app has an updated and modernized website, a live chat feature and a 30-day trial period for all prospective buyers.



In 2017, Talk Fusion’s CEO and founder, Bob Reina, published a second article on MarTech in a period of less than one year since the first. He wrote the article at the request of MarTech’s advisor. The piece focuses on emerging video advertising means and benefits of 2017. After its publications, the chief marketing officer of MarTech shared the article on his Forbes’ platform. Bob Reina expressed his appreciation for the opportunity and stated that he is looking forward to educating more readers on the impact of using video marketing. MarTech has a subscription of 1.1 million users, who all received a newsletter of Bob Reina’s articles.



Bob Reina published the second article with the aim of increasing use of videos for marketing in different industries. He believes that the style is picking up fast in 2017 and it will reap more benefits for businesses. Bob Reina describes video marketing as the most valuable asset for advertisers. He began his first video product in 2004 by developing video Email. Bob wrote his first MarTech article in May 2016, which explained the role of videos in raising customer profits and improving relationships. He enjoys publishing his insights on his Huffington platform, with a target of reaching more IT professionals. He keenly observes the market’s styles, popularity, and analysis and uses the data to write detailed information on video marketing. MarTech uses Bob Reina’s vast knowledge in video advertising to serve their readers who are mostly professionals in sales and marketing. Currently, they are strategizing to increase their number of worldwide subscribers with the aim of spreading more valuable technological tips.