White Shark Media Keeps Up With It’s Updates

Running a business and bringing it to success is a really hard thing. This is especially true for people who live hectic lifestyles. People who have a ton of stuff going on are really unable to do the necessary work in order to bring in a lot of business. Among the things that are needed for a successful business is advertising. Advertising takes a lot of time. For one thing, people need to be able to come up with something that is creative and catchy. This often takes time. When people already have other things on their plate, then they are going to have a rough time. Fortunately, there are plenty of agencies that are willing to help with the advertising.


White Shark Media is one of the companies that is good about providing the advertising for their clients. As a matter of fact, they could take the time to come up with something that not only the client will like, but that would also attract the customers. White Shark have plenty of services that they could offer many users. They are actually quite effective at bringing in traffic. There are a lot of reasons for their effectiveness in their business as well.


One of the reasons that they are effective is that they are organized. They have made it so that they can provide regular updates to their sites. This is actually an important aspect of marketing. For one thing, blogs and websites that are regularly updated are going to have a lot more success than sites that are dead. As a matter of fact, the biggest and most successful websites are constantly updated. They also come up with some decent marketing techniques that spread awareness of the site so that people will know about it and want to visit.


Anyone that is interested in receiving service from White Shark Media can give the company a call, and a representative will sit with them and help them out with any campaign they might have. One good thing with White Shark Media is that it is able to help their clients market their companies.

Banking with a Clear Mind


As a resident of South Florida, Martin Lustgarten is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Lustgarten. Most of his career centers around helping Americans retire with the proper resources. He lends advice about smart investments to ensure that his clients will make a smooth transition into retirement


Lustgarten has good knowledge of international markets. Most of his wealth is distributed worldwide and he speculates ongoing trends towards each market in order to maximize his profits. His main message is the following: Making smart, strategic moves instead of acting on impulse will guarantee success in the world of business.

To inquire about Lustgarten, he can be contacted through his social media pages

Martin on Facebook

Martin on Tumblr

Background on Investment Banking

Investment banking is open to many interpretations but it mainly refers to to companies that provides a wide degree of financial services. These services are provided to individuals, corporations and governments. Private companies are usually sources of investment banking although the practice can be seen in public ones.

Main Functions of Investment Banking

– Mergers & Acquisitions- Investment banking can offer advice on the evaluation of businesses and negotiation terms such as the pricing of any transactions associated with property. In addition, banks clarify procedures for their clients.

– Creating Capital and Security

– Retail and Commercial Banking

– Front and Back Office Services- Altogether, they manage risks, control finance, conduct strategies, compliance and monitor operations.

– Sales, Trading and Equity Research- Creates a compatible match between buyers and sellers to facilitate the trading of securities.

Check Out Lime Crime’s Fabulous New Product


Lime Crime is at it again with a fabulous new product line with colors sure to make you want to get them immediately! When Doe Deere, the owner behind this company was looking at ways to revolutionize the make up industry, she hit a home run with many of her products. One of the latest products to be released is the amazing Diamond Crushers.

What Are Diamond Crushers?


Diamond Crushers are a way to make your face pop with a broad variety of colors. This product is great for your lips and will create the look of crushed diamonds on your lip. These leave a matte finish on your lips that is completely smudge proof. This goes great over top of liquid lipstick. You are not just limited to your lips though. These diamond crushers can add that crushed diamond effect to your cheekbones, eyebrows or even around your eyes. It would even make a great highlighter for your collar bones. There are many colors available. They include:

Lit. This is a unique rose gold color.

Choke. Baby blue and baby pink.

Dope. Cotton candy and champagne colors.

Trip. Turquoise and delirium purple.

Strip. Pink and nightclub pink.

Fluke. Blue and mauve colors.


Diamond Crushers can be purchased individually on Love-Makeup.co.uk, or they can be purchased in a package bundle that will allow you to try all of these colors. Lime Crime is definitely a popular choice if you want cosmetics that will help you stand out in the crowd and sparkle like a unicorn.  See how you can sparkle from the pictures on the Tumblr, or you can shop for other options on UrbanOutfitters.


Adam Goldenberg’s Influence In The Global Fashion Business

Adam Goldenberg is a successful businessman and the co-CEO of JustFab Inc. Following JustFab’s successful year, Built in LA recognized him as one of the three CEOs you ought to know. In 1999, he sold Gamer’s Alliance to Intermix Media. At the time, the gaming network was two years old. In 2006, Goldenberg established Intelligent Beauty, an internet-branding platform. Subsequently, he created JustFab, four years after founding Intelligent Beauty.

In a short time, JustFab has gained exceptional traction. In 2013, it raised $55 million to enhance its operation. Additionally, the company purchased ShoeDazzle, a shoe discovery service. Presently, its own program for celebrity stylist membership is used in over five countries. The company is also increasing its offerings with new undertakings like Fabletics, an athletic brand.

Speaking on what other entrepreneurs can learn from how he has run JustFab, Adam noted there is the need to understand the market. The company has also adapted well to its business. He went on to posit that they observe data and other crucial information on a daily basis. This strategy helps them to identify any deviations from the norms and undertake corrective actions in time.

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TechStyle CEO Adam Goldenberg Talking Name Change on CNBC

Additionally, he asserted that he has been a firm believer of openness within his organization. By sharing numbers with his team, whether good or bad, it helps each one of them to understand the tactical changes that are required. While speaking about their hiring strategy, Adam Goldenberg contended that they focus on the candidate’s passion. This is in addition to focusing on what they sale rather than how to sell it. These factors have enhanced the company’s success in the competitive market.

In August 2014, JustFab raised $85 million in a funding round spearheaded by Passport Special Opportunity Fund. Existing investors like Matrix Partners and Shining Capital also participated in that round. This fund brought the company’s total funding to $ 300 million. It also turned the firm into a unicorn, which is a company that has a valuation of more than $ 1 billion. When asked how he feels to be part of the $1 billion club, Goldenberg noted that they never view themselves as a unicorn. Adam asserted that all the credit should go out to the team of hard working professionals that are committed to creating excellent brands. The team is also dedicated to making the company’s customers happy. Recently, JustFab rebranded to TechStyle Fashion Group. It aims to reinvent the fashion business industry by engaging each customer and delivering trendy outfits at an affordable price.

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Maggie Gill: A Leader in Health Care

Health care is a difficult but important field, and those who get into it need to work hard, no matter what level they occupy. The leaders in particular need to be hard working individuals who can effectively lead their team of professionals to greatness. There are many people who occupy these leadership roles, but few can truly be considered a success. One of the people who can is Maggie Gill.

Maggie Gill is the CEO of Memorial Health, located in Savannah, Georgia. There, she gives direction to multiple departments and other high ranking individuals to provide the best health care possible. But, like all the great leaders, she did not start there. Gill joined Memorial Health in 2004 as a vice president of finance and managed care. Then, just one year later, she became the COO. Gill remained in that position until 2011, where she took up her current role as CEO.

Even before joining Memorial Health, Maggie Gill was a leader in the health care industry. She joined Tenet South Florida Health system as the CFO, providing financial leadership to several locations. These locations include Palmetto General Hospital, Shore Medical Center, and Coral Gables Hospital.

It is easy to say a leaders is effective, but it is harder to prove it. For Gill, proof came on November 1st. Thanks to a variety of factors, including her leadership and the excellence of her team, Memorial Health brought home seven awards in the 16th Annual Health Care Heroes Awards. This ceremony recognizes people of excellence and achievement in the medical field with a variety of categories, including health care innovation and community outreach. These awards went to several doctors and professionals in Memorial Health, and shows just how good the team and its leaders are. And, since Maggie Gill’s team earned so many, you can be sure that these are some of the best health care providers around.

Maintain Healthy Lips With Evolution Of Smooth

Evolution of Smooth has been offering a range of personal care products that happen to be some of the best out there for a while now, most notably their widely-known lip balms. These lip balms are all natural and are made with the highest quality ingredients, while also containing a high amount of antioxidants to help moisturize and heal the lips to keep them healthy.

Because of the EOS lip balm ingredients, like coconut oil and Shea butters, these lip balms are excellent for taking care of chapped or dry lips, especially in winter. Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms will take care of any weather related lip issues and can prevent them in the future. Because they are high quality, these lip balms will provide helpful benefits all day long, without needing to be applied dozens of times to keep the lips coated. EOS lip balms only need to be applied once or twice a day, depending on the consumers habits. They aim to please everyone by ensuring their lip balms will be compatible for nearly everyone, as they are dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, and gluten-free. They also offer a wide range of flavors and scents for varying customer taste.

Starting up back in 2007 in New York, Evolution of Smooth starting making high quality lip balms and personal care products. One of their main goals was ensuring their product appealed to many people and had compatibility with them as well. This is why their eBay sold products are filled with natural and healthy ingredients, like Shea butter, antioxidants, and quality oils like coconut and jojoba.

The majority of EOS’s products come in nice designs as well, including their lip balm applicators, which have been made into unique smooth spheres, rather than the traditional stick applicator. The best part is they are available all over the world at big retailers, and come at just a few dollars a piece.

For more info, check out the evolutionofsmooth.com website and Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/eos/.

Magnises introduces new features to allow members access to posh nightclubs and hotel for as less as $79 a night

Magnises is a private club founded by Billy McFarland in 2014 with the aim of assisting people to build a flawless network. The club uses personalized black card to help young professionals to access great deals and events in the major cities in New York City, East Coast, and Washington Dc.

As a member, you are just required to flash your Magnises card to get discounts at bars, clubs, restaurants and other reservations such as luxurious getaways and private concerts. You can also link the black card with a credit card and bank for any payment purposes.

According to Bloomberg, Billy McFarland said that through the club, they aimed to connect millennials with businesses both online and offline, and they are proud to have achieved it. He added that the only thing everyone needs to do is carrying their credit card as well as the debit card. Club’s membership stand at 12,000 people, and Magnises is planning to add new benefits.

Members of the club pay $99 per month to access the co-working facilities at Alley where Magnises holds corporate offices. Mr. McFarland said that they are working to uplift their members to the next level socially as well as professionally. They are also introducing a feature, ClubPass where members will be paying $65 per month to ensure that they can access the most exclusive nightclubs in the New York City.

Another new feature known as HotelPass is expected to help members stay in The Dreams Hotels in New York for $79 per night rather than the standard rate of $245. Mc Farland says that these are places that their members desire to visit but can barely afford to pay. The deal is also a golden opportunity for the club and hotel owners. Professionals working at Magnises are from finance, tech and fashion industries.

About Billy Mc Farland

Billy McFarland born in 1991, is a Tech Entrepreneur in New York City. He is the founder and CEO of Spling and Magnises black card. He studied computer engineering at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania.

Spling is an online platform that helps users to improve the appearances of URLs. Magnises was founded in 2013 only to launch their first card in 2014. He is still the CEO of both companies.

Wengie Video Recap: Everyday Object Makeup Hacks

YouTube beauty blogger Wengie gives viewers tips on how to use everyday objects in their makeup routines.


The first hack is to store your sets of false eyelashes in a pill container. Place a set in each of the day compartments. The next hack is to use a triangular scale ruler to help shape your eyebrows. Use it to mark your shape points with concealer, then blend it together for a clean look. Next, Wengie suggests using products with built-in primer. She uses a Clinique lipstick and says the primer makes it last longer and go on smoother.


Wengie’s next hack is to rub Vaseline on your body before spraying on perfume; this makes the scent last longer and ensures it won’t dry out your skin. Next, she suggests using a fork to create a nose contour. Tame your eyebrows by spritzing an unused toothbrush with hairspray. Crumble expired eye shadow into clear nail polish for a new polish color.


Put a piece of tape on the outer corner of your eye to create an eyeliner stencil. Store your makeup brushes in a straw holder to keep them free of dust. Create your own makeup remover and makeup brush cleanser using baby shampoo, coconut oil, and water. Mash up a ripe strawberry, then use it like toothpaste for whiter teeth. You can also get whiter teeth by rubbing the inside of a banana peel on them.


Cover your roots in a pinch with regular or brow mascara. Make your favorite lipstick metallic by dabbing highlighter powder on top of it. Hold a spoon over your eyelid as you apply mascara so it does not transfer onto your skin and ruin your eye shadow. Draw patterns on a cheap clipboard with hot glue to create your own brush cleaner. Put bobby pins on each side of a blush brush to make your own fan brush.


Learn more about Wengie:


Cone Marshall Maintains Top Position Despite Challenges In Industry

Cone Marshall has remained bold and focused to delivering solutions to clients in different specialties who are looking for tax and estate litigation experts. The firm has in the recent past seen an increase in clients from other jurisdictions and the New Zealand market has also responded fairly to the changes that have been instilled.


One of the reasons that have motivated the shift is the new ideas that have been implemented to allow a shorter period for the resolution of cases. It is a convenient system that does not compel clients to wait for many days before their problems are tackled. Many clients coming from other counties have applauded the speed and accuracy that Cone Marshall has embraced since the past one decade.


When it was launched in 1999, Cone Marshall would become the first in New Zealand to deal with estate and tax litigation as their only area of operation. This kind of specialization offered them a better chance to offer more accurate solutions to cases. They have maintained the practice and ensured all the services offered are in line with the vision penned down for the firm.


Technology has also contributed to the growth of Cone Marshall into an enormous provider of law services. It is through the installation of a new system that order processing has become easy and more accurate. The firm has invested in the acquisition of better infrastructure that is making file storing and retrieval easy for both the staff and clients. With a database that can offer clients access, one does not necessarily need to travel all the way to the main offices to present files. All vital information can be sent through the online system and there is guaranteed security through the whole process.


The brains behind this success

Behind all the success is a team of professionals who have drafted measures and overseen the implementation of each step. Cone Marshall enjoys great leadership from lawyers who have served for over 30 years.


Karen Marshall, a lawyer experienced in commercial litigation, is one of the individuals who have steered Cone Marshall to the attainment of success. She has amassed experience over a period of 20 years and her skills have helped to transform Cone Marshall by improving its performance. She seeks support from Geoffrey Cone, a leader who has worked with the firm since inception in 1999. Geoffrey is consulted on a number of issues owing to the wide experience he enjoys in the industry.



Keith Mann: The Man behind Dynamic Search Partners’ Success

Keith Mann is the Co-Founder and CEO of Dynamic Search Partners- a company that specializes in alternative investments and hedge funds. Keith helps his clients to hire internal strategy, marketing and investment professionals for their teams and also building out new platforms. He began his career as the manager of Alternative Investment Division at Dynamic Associates before rising through the ranks to become the company’s president.


The birth of Dynamic Search Partners


Born from Keith’s previous firm, Dynamic Search Partners was founded from several years of experience specializing in alternative investments. The fact that Keith Mann grew up surrounded by tons of executives in the industry got him well-groomed for this position. There was a need for his services, so he decided to fill it.


DSP mainly provides executive search services as well as alternative staffing requirements to major equity firms. They work with the alternative investment industry firms in Europe, Asia, and the United States and fill more than 200 client mandates yearly.


Since their kickoff in 2001, DSP has helped fill over 2000 client mandates. Also, their operations have expanded well beyond simple staffing investment positions. They are currently respected as being one of the country’s largest investment executive databases.


Keith Mann is a man who finds a need then fills it. His ideas majorly stem from needs, whether it’s the need to hire more employees or to change the structure of how the interview process is carried out. Everything starts with a need! So, Keith works on the ideas that he knows will improve your current system.


Like any other normal person, Keith has a challenge working the same job daily. But that doesn’t mean that he stays unproductive. He believes in a morning workout, which he says helps him stay focused throughout the day.