Perry Mandera: A Transport Entrepreneur Who Is Committed to Making the World Better Place, Here’s How

Perry Mandera is the CEO of The Custom Companies. The Custom Company started in 1986 Perry Mandera is a philanthropist. He aspires to help the needy in the society. In Perry Mandera’s company, he has set a culture of giving. In line with this principle, he incorporated Custom Cares Charities as a charitable institution within The Custom Companies. Custom Cares Charities commits to philanthropic causes

Mr. Mandera has an interest in the transport industry too. The excitement started when he was on active duty with the United States Marine Corps Reserves. Perry Mandera worked as a US Marine Corps Reserves driver. His experience in this role fuelled his interest in the transportation industry. He continued in the industry after he retired from duty.

At Twenty Three years old, he worked for different transportation industries. In 1986, he founded The Custom Companies. The Custom Companies has thrived to date. The company employs hundreds of workers. It has sales of over $200 million. The company is a transport provider. It offers services such as contract cartage, domestic freight, foreign-air freight, and local cartage.

Perry seeks to improve the living conditions of needy children. He has donated to organizations that help students realize their full potential. Mr. Mandera wants every kid living in Chicago to be warm during winter. Perry Mandera has purchased over six thousand coats. He has distributed them to the destitute. Helping the poor makes him a trustworthy member of the community.

Perry Mandera is wants to ensure that his transportation business is environmentally friendly. Perry Mandera had cultivated a culture of doing right all the time. He works with the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure that his transportation company complies with regulations. Perry Mandera seeks to minimize the pollution of the environment while still providing transport services.



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