Regional Dallas Bank Gifts $100,000 To A Women’s Foundation

The Dallas Women’s Foundation will hold their 32nd annual luncheon that will be sponsored this year by Nexbank SSB, a regional bank headquartered in Dallas, TX. Nexbank gifted the foundation with a generous donation of $100,000. This donation will help support the foundation’s cause in helping to advance women’s economic and social standing. The luncheon will be held at the Hilton Anatole, a hotel located in Dallas. Dr. Anne Hope Jahren, an American geochemist and the first woman to win the Macelwane Medal, will be delivering a special keynote address at the 2017 32nd Annual Luncheon. This address will be live-streamed and available to twenty schools, approximately 10,000 students across Northern Texas will be watching.

The Dallas Women’s Foundation Luncheon is hosted every year. More than 1,300 business and community leaders are expected to attend. This foundation is renowned as the world’s largest regional women’s fund. They are also leading in advancing women and girls with positive economic and social change.

Nexbank Capital, Inc. is a regional bank located in Dallas, Texas. They provide personalized banking and financial services for financial institutions, individuals and small or large-scale corporations. John Holt serves as the company’s current President and CEO. Mr. Holt was recently reelected to the Texas Bankers Association’s Board of Directors on April 17th, 2017. Nexbank operates with three core businesses to serve to their clients: Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking and Institutional Services. Each client is provided with tailored solutions from professionals to accommodate their individual financial needs.

Nexbank is currently hold the title as the 4th largest bank in Dallas, Texas and the 11th largest in the whole state of Texas. The financial services company has a rich history and was founded in 1922. The bank now has a lending limit of an impressive $117 million and has SBA Preferred Lending status.

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