Saygus Review NewsWatch TV

The American Smartphone manufacturer, Saygus, hired NewsWatch TV to promote their new line of smartphones on national TV and through online campaigns. NewsWatch made a trip to Barcelona to film and produce segments at the Mobile World Congress for the smartphone launch and Indiegogo campaign.

Saygus used NewsWatch TV for promotion at Mobile World Congress and to promote their indiegogo campaign. As a result, the Saygus Indiegogo Campaign raised over $1.3 million and exceeded their goal of $300,00. The president, Tim Rush, was proud of the profession video quality the NewsWatch TV team produced, saying “[he] would highly recommend NewsWatch” because “they connect us between what we want to say, to what our abidance wants to hear.”

The NewsWatch videos and advertising is privately produced by Bridge Communications, a video production and distribution agency in Washington, D.C. The staff offers over twenty five years of experience and expertise. Their videos help NewsWatch TV clients reach national audiences through television exposure and online distribution platforms.

Within the last year, Bridge Communications has produced over 100 television programs for a number of networks. Working with corporations, lawyers, doctors, app developers and more, Bridge Communications is able to offer a wide range of services through video production, corporate videos, and online and tv distribution.

NewsWatch TV airs on more than sixty broadcasting station, and in over 200 markets in the nation. This exposure reaches more than 100 million household across the country through a number of networks such as Ion, DirectTV, Dish, AMC, and social networking websites such as youtube and Vimeo.

NewsWatch is a trusted source for technology, travel, health, and entertainment news. NewsWatch can be seen in nearly every market in the United States and is reaching more than 100 million households nationwide.

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