Securus Technologies and The Cellular Network Defense We All Need

It is said that the three harmful addictions of people are heroin, carbohydrates, and an employee’s monthly salary, and while this is true, it should also be said that doing evil has also been one of man’s most extended addiction since time ever existed. This form of evil is translated right now in the dynamics and series of events happening to Lee Correctional Prison Cell and the tragic event that happened to Robert Johnson.


The Robert Johnson Predicamen

The story of the tragedy of Robert Johnson had started in 2010, and since the event, he’s been sharing the story of how he almost died to serve the public repeatedly to anyone who’s interested to know. Robert Johnson already worked for the inmate facility for 15 years, and one day during his duty, he confiscated a contraband item that’s worth $50,000. That must have come from a malicious syndicate because that was the trigger why he was shot in his home two weeks later. Deflecting the intruder’s attack against his family, Robert Johnson faced the shots and was hit in the chest numerous times. Afterward, he recovered and sought justice. Good thing for him that the shooter was caught, and was put in jail. Interestingly, the shooter was a former convict.

The shoot to kill order that Robert received was related to that contraband item that was confiscated two weeks before. If that confiscation didn’t happen, he wouldn’t have been shot. He wouldn’t have almost died twice on the operating table, and he wouldn’t have to confront the finality of the mortality of his life. That experience shaped his outlook on life, and I think that was also the reason why he is now chosen by Securus Technologies to be part of their team. Being part of the company means that he would now be in charge of making sure that what he had unfortunately undergone would be something that other people won’t. Robert Johnson now leads in making sure that he can implement the Wireless Containment Solutions that Securus is planning on supporting to achieve its security goals.


Wireless Containment Solutions: The Answer to Security

From the word go, it is evident that the main point of the practice of civil justice tech of Securus is to secure as many lives of prison officials as possible without also putting the lives of the inmates in danger. With Securus’ Technologies Wireless Containment Solutions, Securus can hang up, disconnect, filter out and bar the cellular calls that go through the prisons’ network systems. That means no shoot to order call or any cellphone conversation can take place inside the prison. This would also mean that that horrific Facebook Live Stream inside the jail reported in BusinessWire could also be prevented, or at least addressed.



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