Southridge Capital, LLC is helping to Revitalize Companies through Investment

Southridge Capital, LLC, is committed to serving the growth needs of its clients since its establishment in 1996. The company, which classifies itself as a financial holding company focuses its time, energy and financial assistance in advisory services and direct investment to small and middle size companies. The strength of Southridge and its team is their ability to formulate a customized financial plan and execute that plan to a successful conclusion for its clients.


The company has the expertise to offer advisory services on a wide variety of issues, both simple and complex that growing companies ultimately face. Southridge Capital has invested more than $1.8 billion over the years into companies that have grown to better deliver the products and services they offer. Southridge has the ability to devise a financial plan based on the needs and goals of the client. The company has served more than 250 public companies over the last ten years.


In its effort to help companies, Southridge brings “out of the box” solutions to companies and unique solutions to better assist clients with their financial needs. Solutions are developed utilizing the client’s assets and circumstances. Additional methods include loans against common stock, convertible preferred stock and convertible debentures. Southridge also assists companies in improving their credit worthiness by helping them to eliminate debt in favor of stock classified as common. The exercise can be implemented with a minimum of impact of the market while based on the liquidity level of the company stock.  You can checkout for more info.



An example of their work is Southridge’s equity purchase agreement with Elite Data Services (EDS). The company offers software application implementation technology and utilizes focus marketing and advertising solutions that have the ability to generate revenue on existing business. The industries served by EDS are not just limited to gaming, hospitality and automotive industries. With the help of Southridge and their financial infusion, EDS has the ability to deliver an exciting new approach to the advertising and marketing model that will eventually work to replace traditional client based contracts. EDS now has the ability to increase revenues based on technologies that are proprietary based. For more info you can visit




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