Strategies from Equities First Holdings’ Aimed at Boosting Different Businesses

Equities First Holdings (EFH)is an international lender and an alternative shareholder financier. The company has been able to see significant traction in stock based loans and margin loans due to the fact that banks and other financial institutions have tightened up their criteria of lending out loans to various customers, hence making them a preferable choice. It has also helped clients who wish to raise sufficient capital for their business and those who are unqualified for the conventional credit-based mortgages be able to get financing.

Recently, Equities First Holdings has relocated to the Melbourne office. They have opened a new office in the heart of Melbourne in order to make the offices accessible clients from all over. The firm is also preferred among various clients since they offer stock-based loans, which are unrestricted so that the capital can be used for any purpose. The loans are mostly non-recourse, which enable the borrowers to walk away from stock loans at any time they would like even if the stock value depreciates.

Furthermore, as opposed to the practice of confiscating property by banks when one has placed certain property as collateral for loans taken, Equities First Holdings have come up with an innovative way to collateralize loans by using stocks. Over the years, the company has provided their customers with different financial solutions and capital against publicly traded stocks so that clients attain the goals they have.

Equity First Holding’s specialization

The firm specializes in providing a means that efficiently supplies liquidity at attractive terms through a process that is secure and clear. Their unique approach to non-purpose financing has made them carry out over 600 transactions. Their method of funding has provided clients with high-value capital that attracts low-interest rates.

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