Stream Energy Funds Harvey Relief Efforts

Texas Energy supplier, Stream Energy, makes a hefty $25,000 donation to the American Red Cross to support the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The American Red Cross is a mercy organization that has been helping people to cope with disasters for more than 100 years. The organization uses its donations and contributions to give back to the community during difficult times just like the period immediately following Hurricane Harvey.

Stream Energy is a powerhouse that provides electricity and other products that the residents need to survive and improve the quality of their lives. Stream made a valiant effort to respond to the hurricane compassionately. The company donated a hefty $25,000 to the American Red Cross because they knew the organization would do what was right with the funds and invest in the community’s welfare.

The $25,000 donation was not the only way that Stream showed its loving care for the people in the community who were suffering, read more here. The company also started collecting contributions from any community members who could offer their assistance. They started taking food donations as well as cash and clothing. They were willing to help distribute these items any way possible.

Larry Mondry, the company’s CEO, said that he is delighted to be able to help some people in his community that need assistance. He is committed to helping Stream’s customers get back on their feet and weather the storm. Stream has given its customers and associate information on how they can contribute to those who need help.


The Stream Culture

Stream Energy’s culture is one of helping people by providing them with everything that they could need. The services that they provide their customers go far beyond energy. They also offer mobile phone services, products for home and protection as well as virtual physician plans.

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Stream Energy first opened its doors in 2005 as a small provider but has now turned into an eight-state giant. The company plans to continue to expand over the years and provide people with affordable services. Stream Energy currently operates in Texas, Delaware, Illinois, Pennsylvania and a few additional locations.

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