Struggle and support for human and immigrants rights organizations

There are many groups that fight human rights around the world and their main purpose is to achieve equity. They also advocates for the rights of migrants to ensure they are treated in a humane manner wherever they go. Many groups exist all over the world with an aim of fighting and protecting human rights. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin:

The groups include The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights. This group is based in California. It was established after 1986 act in the United States that tended to exclude immigrants from employment. This act was seen as way of establishing an environment for abuse and exploitation of employees. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin |

The group’s main purpose is to allow the free movement of immigrants in the United States and provision of equal employment opportunities. They want to create awareness to the public about such individuals and be the agents in creation in an all inclusive community.

Another human rights organization is Amazon watch. It is located in San Francisco. It cooperates with environmental groups together with indigenous organizations in order to protect the rights of indigenous individuals especially with rapid industrialization that has seen massive increase in the destruction of the indigenous environment and oppression of individuals that tries to protect it.

Another group is ACLU Immigrants’ Right Project whose main purpose is also to for the rights of immigrants. It has set objectives that they intend to achieve through advocacy and creating awareness on immigrants rights. They have been in he fore front in fight against laws that tries to push aside immigrants’ judicial rights.

Michael lacey and Jim Larkin co founded Phoenix new Times. They made a decision to give donations to groups that fight and advocates for human rights. The two whom are journalists were unlawfully arrested and the funds they received as settlements they decided to use them to fund these organizations.

They did a publication about on the sheriff, Joe Arpaio. The reporters exposed meetings by the grand jury that looked into journalists’ articles on the sheriff before publication. Following that the county was sued by Michael lacey and Jim Larkin.

The case was won by the reporters and they received $ 3.75 million as settlement. Through his money the journalists established Frontera Fund which gives supports to groups and organizations whose main aim is to defend both immigrant and human rights.

The reporters felt that the best way to utilize this settlement is to support human right groups and prevent such oppressions from happening again in the future.

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