Susan McGalla thinks that Executive Sponsorship can Address Women Leadership Issues

Though most of the global corporations are trying to improve their gender diversity significantly, the results are not very positive at the leadership levels. While the campaigns are working out well at junior and middle levels, the same is not taking women to the top posts of the companies. Though there is a significant change in the numbers in the recent years, still a vast majority of the leadership posts are occupied by men. For finding a solution to this, it is great to listen to a highly successful woman executive.

Susan McGalla is regarded as a greatly successful woman leader in the corporate world, especially in the highly competitive retail industry. She did not see herself different from her male counterparts and showcased her skills and talents to grow in the corporate world. Her life is a great example of how hard work and dedication can define success by leaving behind the obstacles in the path. McGalla thinks that many of the women-centric initiatives, including leadership initiatives, are not helpful in nurturing the career growth for women.

While such initiatives are helping women to connect each other, being updated with industry trends, and support, these are not a solution for growth needs. Susan McGalla suggests that executive sponsorship is an excellent choice for creating women leaders. In the process, women leaders can sponsor their junior women to grow in the organization by guiding them, giving critical assignments, working as their advocate, and more. Also, these women executives can claim incentives for grooming women in the organization. This would also encourage the male leadership to follow the same and create a new environment in every organization.

Susan McGalla has extensive experience in the retail sector as she worked with American Eagle Outfitters for almost 15 years. Though she started modestly in the organization, McGalla grew and became the President of the firm by the time she was leaving American Eagle in 2009.

She is also the founder of P3 Executive Consulting – a consulting firm targeting financial market customers. McGalla also collaborated with Pittsburgh Steelers as its Vice President with responsibilities including creative development of the team and business strategy.

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