David McDonald, President of OSI Group Bio

David G McDonald can tell any young college graduate that it is still possible to work your way to the top with one company tn the 21st century where moving from company to company for many young professionals has become the norm. McDonald joined OSI Industries in 1987 straight out of graduating from Iowa State with a Bachelors in Animal Science. His first position with the food processor was as a project manager and over 30 years later he is still with OSI but no longer a project manager, he is the Chief Operating Officer and President.

During his early years as a project manager he was put in charge of expanding the companies international business with sights on Asia and Latin America. It was in his first year, 1987 that the food processing company did expand into the Asian Pacific with K&K, a joint venture that established in Taiwan. Over the next several years they would move into Austria and expand their European presence, the Philippines, Mexico, China and many more global locations since.

Today as the companies COO and president they are operating in 17 countries, employ over twenty thousand people and have 65 facilities. Mr McDonald or OSI have not slowed down in the time he first came on board up until he became the president. A recent single acquisition instantly gave them another growth burst when the president lead them to acquire the Dutch based convenience food manufacturer Baho Food. Baho produces retail level snacks and deli meats and brings their own sizable operation into the OSI organization adds 5 subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Germany with processing plants that provide product to customers throughout eighteen countries in Europe.

McDonald is very excited about the acquisition and stated that the addition will broaden the portfolio of offerings for OSI customers while expanding their presence in Europe and that Baho’s line of products will be a complement to OSI’s existing processing strengths.

David McDonald is a very hands on and active leader in the industry. He was named the charter Chairman of the North American Meat Institute in 2015 when they merged with the American Meat Institute.

Coming from humble beginnings after being raised on the farm in Iowa, McDonald obviously brought the hard working, persistent habits with him into college and then the food processing and manufacturing industry. Still a young man there’s no telling where he will take OSI next but expanding there global presence and refining their already proficient processing methods is almost guaranteed.

For More info: www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137