Upgraded European Facility for David McDonald’s OSI Group

As the COO of OSI Group, formerly known as OSI Industries and one of the largest volume meat companies on the corporate planet, President David McDonald was in the meat space for thirty years after earning an Animal Science BA from Iowa State University. The years of David’s experience goes throughout many corporations. Once, David even held the position of the chairman of the entire North American Meat Institute. David McDonald has been vigilant in the meat industry to the extent at which the organization came to be one of the most awarded recipient of food industry awards on Earth. Some of these awards were the 2017 International Safety Award from the United Kingdom, the U.K.’s “Sword of Honour” award, and the U.K.’s “Globe of Honour” awards. OSI under McDonald scored awards many years (sometimes back to back), and those do not even include the others earned within India, Austria, and Germany.

Throughout Portugal and Spain, as a matter of fact, there stands an ever-growing demand for more food products within Southern Europe. Demand for OSI’s products have actually grown beyond capacity under David McDonald’s OSI Group. The gap in demand is so large, in fact, that OSI Group is actually creating a new facility in Spain to keep pace. The new OSI building will serve the Spanish and Portuguese markets in order to create twice the output as before: Originally twelve thousand tons of meat produced per year will now become around twenty four thousand tons per year.

As far as the features of new building itself, it will largely consist of twenty thousand square feet in area: a cost to the tune of €17M. The facility will not only create double the production and storage abilities, but it will also add a new production section, shipping section, a social room for worker co-mingling, a temperature-controlled room for proper storage, and even a testing section for making new products. As the crow flies, there are over 150 workers at David’s Spanish plant. About 20 workers have joined the OSI force in order to meet the heightened produce demands. David McDonald also created a brand new fire suppressant system, on top of heightened border security via wire fences and motion cameras. This is even in addition to the entire facility achieving twenty percent less energy consumption than plants of late.

OSI Group, LLC has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, and its inception was back in 1909. Currently, OSI generates a great mix of products which include bacon, smoked meats, pizza meats, beef patties, hot dogs, and more.