Jeunesse Global Product Development and Review

Jeunesse continues its product development with the release of NV, which is one of its latest in the Youth Enhancement System collection. The NV skin foundation and nourishment product reportedly provides one of the longest lasting daily covers for similar make-ups of its kind.


A You Tube and Instagram influencer who calls herself “MelSoldera” put NV to the test. She found that this product felt light on her skin, and she said that she looked like a “bronze goddess.” It lasted for more than nine hours. This product also is known for its ability to provide an airbrush finish underneath preferred eye shadow, cheek and lip colors.


Another facet of NV that consumers seem to appreciate is the fact that it resists water. In addition, it has aloe in it and a Jeunesse proprietary ingredient known as APT-200 in it for hydration and moisturization. Other skin care products developed by Jeunesse include Luminescence and Instantly Ageless, both of which provide anti-wrinkling support. All these products together help promote the appearance of an elastic skin usually associated with being younger than 30 years old.


Other Jeunesse Products


Jeunesse also developed several supplements. Three of these have either fruit extracts or fruit juices in them, and they provide energy or antioxidant support. They are the RESERVE, FINITI and NEVO drinks often consumed on the go.


Another product known as M1ND with L-theanine and CERA-Q provides proteins to the body that comes from silkworm cocoons. Jeunesse created this formula to provide memory and concentration support. For a source of everyday vitamins and minerals along with herbal wellness ingredients, the AM and PM Essentials also provides support not only for the mind but the body and the emotions.


Jeunesse continues to promote their products around the world and currently sells to about 110 countries. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis started this corporation in 2009.