The role played by David McDonald in the recent acquisitions by OSI Group

In the last ten years, OSI Group has grown by leaps and bounds to become a leading provider of value-added protein products such as hamburger patties, sausage links, and pizza. Besides diversifying their product line, OSI Group has also expanded its territories to include new markets in China, Europe, Netherlands, Germany and North America. OSI Group’s expansion, especially in Europe and China, has continued pretty well with the acquisition of Flagship Europe and expansion of processing facilities in China and Spain. Part of the Group’s strategy is to introduce new food products in these markets that include non-meat products.

Expanding the Asian Market

OSI Group started out as small retail shop for fresh meat in Chicago. Over the years, OSI has penetrated international markets that have a huge demand for the products that they supply. Asia is one of the markets that OSI Group set its eyes on. In 2010, OSI Group established a mega processing facility in Japan focusing on the production of beef products. The opening of this beef processing facility in Japan enabled OSI Group to expand their operation to the Asia-Pacific region. Two years later, OSI Group opened two facilities in India. One of the processing facilities is located in Bangalore and the other one in Punjab, India.

In the following years, OSI Group continued to establish new facilities in Asia. The company also partnered with the Japanese company, JC Comsa in China to establish OJC Foods. Other establishments in China include DaOSI and OSI Henan processing plant. These partnerships enabled OSI Group to stamp its authority as a world leader in the provision of high-quality food products in the Asian market.

Venturing into the European market

Several developments mark the entry of OSI Group into the European market. One of the major developments is the establishment of MPO and GmbH trading platforms in Germany. The new platform offered OSI Group with an opportunity to supply products directly to the customers.

Another significant development is the acquisition of Baho Food in 2016. The deal enabled OSI to access food markets in Germany and Netherlands. Other developments include the acquisition of Flagship Europe and HynekSchlachthof in 2017.

The role played by David McDonald in these developments

David McDonald, the current president of OSI Group joined the company three decades ago. After joining the company, David McDonald has fueled the expansion of OSI Group by leading the company through a series of acquisitions. David McDonald believes that these acquisitions are essential in ensuring the company’s sustainability.

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