Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina Educates More Than 1.1 Million People about Video Marketing on MarTech.

Since the 1990’s, enterprises have quickly adapted integration of emerging high-tech solutions such as marketing and merchandising. Live chats, and online mobile applications are the new power marketing moves by world-class companies. Talk Fusion has developed an award winning All-In-One Video app that is available for use in more than 140 nations. Talk Fusion helps businesses build relationships with customers, increase sales and enhance the performance among competitors. The app has an updated and modernized website, a live chat feature and a 30-day trial period for all prospective buyers.



In 2017, Talk Fusion’s CEO and founder, Bob Reina, published a second article on MarTech in a period of less than one year since the first. He wrote the article at the request of MarTech’s advisor. The piece focuses on emerging video advertising means and benefits of 2017. After its publications, the chief marketing officer of MarTech shared the article on his Forbes’ platform. Bob Reina expressed his appreciation for the opportunity and stated that he is looking forward to educating more readers on the impact of using video marketing. MarTech has a subscription of 1.1 million users, who all received a newsletter of Bob Reina’s articles.



Bob Reina published the second article with the aim of increasing use of videos for marketing in different industries. He believes that the style is picking up fast in 2017 and it will reap more benefits for businesses. Bob Reina describes video marketing as the most valuable asset for advertisers. He began his first video product in 2004 by developing video Email. Bob wrote his first MarTech article in May 2016, which explained the role of videos in raising customer profits and improving relationships. He enjoys publishing his insights on his Huffington platform, with a target of reaching more IT professionals. He keenly observes the market’s styles, popularity, and analysis and uses the data to write detailed information on video marketing. MarTech uses Bob Reina’s vast knowledge in video advertising to serve their readers who are mostly professionals in sales and marketing. Currently, they are strategizing to increase their number of worldwide subscribers with the aim of spreading more valuable technological tips.

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