Teaching Mindfulness In Schools With ClassDojo

Many schools are bringing a sense of calm and inner peace to their students. More and more schools all over the country are bringing mindfulness to schools. The startup company ClassDojo, has partnered with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence to bring awareness of mindfulness. The two organizations are planning to have mindfulness classes within schools. They are planning to bring awareness to schools in the United States and abroad. ClassDojo and the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence have created a mindfulness curriculum that has been shared with several schools. Along with the classroom curriculum, videos and online guides will be shared for home and school use.


The greatest thing about this initiative is that 90% of schools in the United States are using the materials already. Students that are in the age group of 5-14 years of age are learning about mindfulness and its benefits. The classroom materials and the videos are teaching students empathy and a growth mindset. Currently, the classroom materials and curriculum is being translated into over 35 languages, which gives more students access to the mindfulness idea.


The executives at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence said that teaching mindfulness to children has its benefits because children are more open than adults and can truly get the ideas that are taught. A recent student has shown that teenager are experiencing extreme stress. The teachings of mindfulness can help those teenagers.


ClassDojo is a communication platform that allows teachers and parents to communicate. With the application, teachers can send parents messages about their students. Parents also have the ability to be more involved in the academic career of their children.


ClassDojo creates a positive culture between students and schools. Students also have the opportunity to share their work within the application.

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