The Beauty of the Mighty Fortress Church

Recently an article was written on the top twenty-five most beautiful churches in Minnesota. Ranging from the small and eloquent Stella Marie Chapel on the water; to the extravagant Cathedral of St. Paul. Also included in the list is the First Unitarian Church of Duluth which features beautiful architecture and stained-glass windows, which was built in 1910. The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in New Ulm impresses with its historical richness. Featuring paintings of the twelve apostles and Christ, this lovely wonder was built in the late eighteen hundred’s.
More important than the just beauty of a building, is the people that are inside.  Mighty Fortress Church has both beauty in the architecture and in the individuals that fill it. Mighty Fortress is changing lives through worship and practical Bible teaching. In the world we live in, people need a place to worship and experience the presence of God, and Mighty Fortress provides just the place to encounter His life-changing word every time the doors are open.
You can expect the focus to be on God and his power to change lives each and every day. Come and be refreshed, inspired, and lifted up by people that are like minded.   Come as you are, Mighty Fortress Church will love on every individual no matter what background, culture, or race.  Love is for everyone and everyone has a place here to contribute their gifts and talents to praise and worship the Creator and to help others in need around them.
Bishop Thomas Williams is the Senior Pastor and has served actively in the ministry for over 30 years.  As a minister of the Gospel Bishop Williams wants to bring the applicability of God’s Word to the people of the Church.  His mission is to help those people see the power and wisdom of the Word to overcome sin, moral decay, and the current rebellion against God. As the Senior Pastor, Bishop Williams wants to see reconciliation in every aspect of life for each individual.
This is the Beauty of the Mighty Fortress Church.

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