The Success of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is an Emirati billionaire property developer who has made an impact on the real estate industry around the world. He is the founder and chairman of the globally successful real estate development company DAMAC Properties. Sajwani is a graduate of he University of Washington where he earned a degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering. He is considered to be one of the pioneers of the property market expansion in Dubai, where he has been doing business for more than two decades.

Hussain has a proven track record of success in the global market. He currently holds portfolios in a number of markets around the world. During a recent interview with ideamensch, he shared some insight into what it has taken for him to be successful. In the interview he mentions that his idea for DAMAC began from his youth. He often helped with the family business as a child and this inspired him to be an entrepreneur. He started his own catering business after college which was very successful. Soon he became interested in real estate and began working in that field.

Part of Hussain Sajwani‘s success is his dedication to his routine. He spends much of his day meeting with his management team and staying updated on all parts of the business. He is constantly meeting with current and potential partners and business leaders. Despite a busy schedule, Sajwani is convinced his success is dependent on balance. He makes sure to have time for his family on a consistent basis.

Sajawni’s success is also built on learning from failure. He considers every moment of success and failure part of what makes him who he is today. He has had to make tough decisions over the years but they have made him the leader he is today. His work has been recognized many times in recent years. He was named Property CEO of the Year at the Middle East Awards of 2017. He has also been named a Real Estate Legend by the Arabian Business Real Estate Awards.

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