The Success Story of Mathew Autterson

Mathew Autterson works at CNS Bioscience Inc where he holds the position of President as well as the Chief Executive Officer. The company was established by Scott Falci in 2013 and is a drug development company that focuses mostly on neuropathic pain. Mathew Autterson was born and brought up in Colorado. He went to study at the Brother Rice high school and later became a graduate of the Michigan State University where he worked hard to acquire a bachelor’s Degree in Finance in 1980. Mathew also went to further his studies at the University of Denver Graduate Tax program. He has been working in the financial field for approximately 30 years and has acquired lots of skills and experience in the field.

At one point, Mathew Autterson served as the President at one of the country’s biggest financial chartered institutions. The career journey of Mathew started when he went to work with First Trust Corporation. The company is a Fiserv subsidiary. Mathew Autterson left the company in 1982 and started a Colorado trust company together with some of his team mates. Later on, he was appointed to serve as the President at Resource Trust Company, a position he held up to 1989. Resource Trust Company and other assets which belonged to the Integrated Resources were purchased by Broad Inc which later changed its name to SunAmerica Inc. In 1998, SunAmerica Inc was acquired for a sum of $18 billion.

Fiserv acquired the Resource Trust Company in May 2001and before this sale, the company was among the country’s biggest state chartered FDIC-insured trust companies. The company has more than 200,000 customers who they were committed to providing depository and custodial service. Resource Trust Company also had over 15,000 independent and registered financial advisors who were responsible for bringing in clients. The company had in its possession custodial assets worth $20 billion and deposits worth more than $1 billion. Mathew Autterson was responsible for overseeing the more than 700 employees of the company as well as making sure that the strategic plans of the company are implemented.

Mathew Autterson is involved with the Falci Adoptive Biosystems where he is a member of the Board of Directors. The Falci Adaptive Biosystems is known as a non-profit organization that is committed to assisting people suffering neuromotor disabilities where they grow their ability to interact and control with the environment. Mathew Autterson was in the past a member at the Worlds Presidents Organization as well as the Young Presidents Organization.


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