Troy McQuagge Proves USHEALTH’s Prowess By Steering it to Win the One Planet

The USHEALTH Group is a happy crowd; their own CEO Troy McQuagge, lifts the coveted gold award for the best CEO of 2016. Unlike most awards, the prominent One Planet℠ Awards is one that is fondly spoken of by most CEO. Among other things, the award seeks to celebrate honorable executive and visionary leaders from all over the world regardless of their industry affiliations for their immense contributions to their organization and for this reason that Troy McQuagge and his entire USHEALTH Group team are jubilated.


This award however did not come Troy’s way without a sweat. The leader worked hard to earn it. When Mr. Troy joined USHEALTH Group in 2010, despite the company having been in operation for a long time, it was still struggling to achieve its sales volumes, more so, in the individual insurance health market. The first assignment Troy undertook while at USHEALTH Group is restructuring its distribution strategy. To Troy, customer satisfaction is always important to the success of any business. By creating USHEALTH Advisors, Troy was able turn around how the organization approached their sales and customers. USHEALTH Advisors was able to specifically address the needs of the customers thus helping the company experience growth and huge profits for the sale of their products.


It was with the great success of his strategy that Troy was able to ascend the CEO and president seat of USHEALTH Group. His relentless efforts however did not stop there. Thanks to his previous experience in the health insurance market and education background, Troy was able to turn around things for the good of the company to its current position.


About Troy McQuagge


Troy McQuagge establishment in the health insurance market needs no introduction. For a man befitting his reputation, his name says it all. Troy is currently the Chief Executive Officer and President of USHEALTH Group a position he owned due to her work and proven track record of work. The business executive holds bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies from the famous University of Central Florida.


In addition to being qualified, Mr. Troy enjoys good reputation in the industry having worked for more than 30 industry. Prior to joining USHEALTH Group Troy had formerly worked for UICI from 1995 until it was sold as HealthMarkets. During his time in UICI troy brought nothing but excellence with the company recording the highest amounts of revenues.


With a fine record of work, Troy promises to the future prosperity of USHEALTH Group and the proof is in the eating. Currently, USHEALTH Group is the number one leading provider of health insurance products and this seems to be the situation for a long time coming.

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