Vijay Eswaran Helping QI Group Achieve Unprecedented Success

Vijay Eswaran is a man that is globally recognized today for his entrepreneurial journey and spirit. Coming from a very humble background, Vijay has gone on to become one of the wealthiest persons in Malaysia today. As the founder and CEO of QI Group, which is an e-commerce based conglomerate, Vijay Eswaran has achieved a lot during his lifetime. Vijay Eswaran’s father used to work for the Malaysian Ministry of Labour, and thus, used to travel around the country from time to time. It meant that his family also spent a nomadic life, and therefore, Vijay Eswaran used to change schools pretty frequently during his childhood.

Vijay Eswaran came in contact with the multi-level marketing after completing his MBA from Southern Illinois University in the United States, when he started working for a company named Synaptics. Vijay Eswaran has not only gained popularity in the world of business, but also intellect through the books he has written in the past few years. Some of the books written by Vijay Eswaran are Two Minutes from the Abyss, Sphere of Silence, On the Wings of Thought, 18 Stepping Stones, and more. Vijay Eswaran believes that leadership skills are essential for the person to achieve success in business. It is what would help the person to extract the most from the employees and run an organization efficiently.

Vijay Eswaran set up QI Group which has helped him become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world with the net worth of over $750 million. QI Group is involved in a variety of businesses, including luxury products, real estate, telecommunications, retail, internet marketing, MLM, and more. The company helps its members earn through the process of direct selling. The network of QI Group is spread through in ten countries, and it continues to expand exponentially in the past few years. As a distinguished business leader, visionary, and author, Vijay Eswaran feels that it is necessary for people to take responsibility of their action when running a business, and have a vision for future that they should focus on. Going after anything with determination leads to success, and it is what Vijay helps his members get infused with. Find out more about Vijay Eswaran:

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