Visium CIO Jacob Gottlieb Is A Former Doctor And Active Philanthropist

Jacob Gottlieb has a normal childhood just like most kids, growing up in Brooklyn, New York. Both of his parents were well to do, so education was important in his household. This was a big motivation for Jacob to do well and he even had a focus at that young age. He was particularly interested in finances and trading. During high school, he managed to win an award for his stock choices during an event. Jacob Gottlieb has attended universities for both medicine and economics, earning degrees in both majors over the years.

At the start of his journey into adulthood, Jacob Gottlieb decided to become a doctor, similar to his mother as a pediatrician. According to Jacob, he wanted to help people and being a doctor gave him the opportunity to do that. However, before he could get fully committed to the career, he was finding that he wasn’t fully content and actually kept thinking about business. Because of this, Jacob gave up his work in medicine and went back to school to start his journey in finances. After several positions at corporations around the country, Jacob Gottlieb finally found his most successful position yet working as CIO for the company Visium Asset Management. This company was co-founded by Jacob and currently manages more than 8 billions dollars worth of capital for companies around the globe.

When Jacob Gottlieb isn’t busy with his successful career, he is working to create a better world at large. He does this by contributing any way that he can not charitable organizations around the country. He has donated to Math for America and the Covenant House, both of which aim to help children in different ways around the country. He has also been an active supporter of the Robin Hood Foundation in New York for many years, fighting poverty in the streets.


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