Wikipedia Wants To Expand Coverage Of Native Americans

Wikipedia wants its users to expand the coverage of Native Americans on its encyclopedia. Native Americans and indigenous groups, it seems, are disproportionately underrepresented within Wikipedia. Take for example, the poet and artist, Esther Belin. She is a highly acclaimed Navajo writer and artist. Yet she is not even featured or mentioned anywhere on Wikipedia.

The good news is that Wikipedia is planning to address the issue. It is now sponsoring edit-a-thons that specifically focus on indigenous groups like Native Americans and African tribes. Wikipedia has even compiled a list of Native Americans that it believes should have articles featured about them. The goal of Wikipedia is to include a broad base of articles on famous Native Americans, major historical figures and movements within the Native American people.

The lack of articles on Native Americans and other indigenous groups is explained by the fact that many Indians and tribal groups lack internet access. Some have poor access, while others lack it entirely. There is also a lack of interest among the Wikipedia editors and community to edit and create Native American articles. This is slowly changing however, and we should see more Native American articles start to appear.

How Wikipedia Can Help You

So how can Wikipedia help you? How will having a Wikipedia article about yourself or your company or organization benefit you? It turns out there are several benefits to this. I discuss this briefly below.

Getting an online Wikipedia article up can help you generate a positive online presence. It should add credibility to your name and allow you build up your reputation. While Wikipedia does not allow promotion of products or brands, the fact that you improve reputation, can help increase sales. Finally, you can use Wikipedia articles as a way to help bury bad content or scandals about you.

Want To Create Your Own Wikipedia Article But Don’t Have The Time?

There are numerous benefits to creating a Wikipedia article. However, a lot of work must be put into creating one. There is research that must be done and sources cited. Additionally, the article must be compliant with the format and guidelines of Wikipedia. Otherwise it will be rejected.

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